I Love Acting

Dipublikasikan pertama kali di bagian Pages blog ini pada Feb 15, 2009 @ 5:35

I enjoy acting. I remember back then when high school we were told to perform something to get score for art lesson, the students performed singing or dancing, I would like to, but because I wear veil, it’s improper if I perform dancing, and that goes also for singing. Then I figured out something, I suggested one other kind of performance to the teacher, which was acting. I was so excited when the teacher agreed. I told other friends who wanted to join me, and then I made the scenario, based on one of the drama in topeng kaca manga that is Senyum Sang Boneka. I chose this drama because it’s not too difficult to be performed and all the casts had the same portion of scene so there was no leading role. In this drama, I played role as Gypsian fortune teller.

We were practicing in one of friends’ house day after day. And when the time came, we performed in front of the class, watched by our friends. I was so happy, it was my first acting. There’s no lighting or stage so to move from one scene to another, I used freeze move. We wore simple property for our acting, just things that we had at home, we didn’t wear costume coz it was school time. In spite of all of the weaknesses in our performance, the enormous feeling that I felt at that time was amazing.

Oh, I love acting…

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