Read Ouran High School Host Club

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Something in my heart seems to bloom. That’s the feeling I got when I read Ouran High school Host Club manga written by Hatori Bisco. At first, this manga attracted my attention for its outstanding humor. I can’t stop laughing when I read it. But then, when the chapter goes on, I get involved with each character’s emotional feeling and began to understand them. I became aware of their thoughts and acts, like they had already become my friends. I got impatient to know the next story of their daily lifes and I can’t figure out what kind of development would they go through from time to time. Oh, I love this manga a lot. Bravo Bisco Hatori!

So, it was 26th of October 2008, I was reading the scanlation of Ouran High school Host Club manga in the computer when suddenly the light’s going down. Oh no! My mind couldn’t calm down, I wanna continue reading it! I screamed in my mind over and over “Turn on the lights please… I beg you…

Such a troublesome, it has been a while and it hasn’t given me a pleasant surprise so I decided work again with my unfinished job. But unfortunately, I couldn’t work properly, my mind was occupied. I couldn’t think of anything else besides my eagerness to read Ouran. I kept on questioning, “When would they turn on the lights???”

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