Exercise, Keep on The Beat!

I’ve told you before ’bout “dance”. I do that routines as the excercise, since i haven’t found fitness or aerobic video cd. Last two week, i found what i was looking for. So i started excercise using them. First week, i excercised using fitness video from tamilee webb. Well, easy to follow but i wasn’t sweat enough. In saturday and sunday, i added yoga. It was the first time i practice yoga. It was quite hard. After the yoga, my body seemed so tired and broke down. But i kept doing it. I hope it would get easier for me. Week two, i changed the fitness with cardio work out. It’s not that i don’t like the fitness but i have planned to change over every week so that i won’t get bored. The cardio work-out made me sweat more. I like the movement. It’s Hip hop. Tomorrow is saturday. As before, i will add the yoga. I only do yoga in holiday because yoga really takes extra time, 1hour. I don’t wanna be late to work. The other excercises only takes half hour. So my routines are half hour excercise every monday til friday. And 2 and half hour excercise in the week end (yoga for dawn and usual excercise in the morning, plus yoga for dusk in the afternoon). Is it hard? No, i enjoy these routines. I can feel the benefits. I feel fresh, healthy and will eventually gain a better posture. I will keep on the beat. Wanna join me? ^_^

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