Should I Quit My Job?

Dynamic Life, dynamic work is one of my expectations. Sometimes i feel that my state condition right now doesn’t suit me at all. I really need a better place to work. Deep down, I wanted it so bad to change my job. I began questioning, Was it ungratefulness that i felt? Or was it the calling that i had to fulfill? Should I stick to this job? Or should I take the risk to find another job? Would I find the job that I was looking for out there? Would I regret one day of making the decision? My head is full with many thoughts. I haven’t been able to draw conclusion of my analysis.

I imagine myself on some condisions as the results of particular decisions.
First, I stick with my job now, and I end up as just an ordinary person going through such routines over and over. Lack of challenges makes me bored of my job. And it causes me to loose my optimize productivity. I become such a loser, Having so many dreams and yet do not have the courage to break away and do some things to fulfill my dreams.
Second, I stick with my job now, trying to do my best for the job. I wait for 4 years of stupid boundaries for continuing to pursue higher education. I would be 27 years old when it happened.
Third, I break the rule. I quit my job and find a new one. I find a job that suits me enough, challenges my ability and brings me major developments. I’m mastering new skills each and every day. I become much more ambisious. My determination in fulfilling my dreams grows bigger. With my capabilities that I earn, I start to create the path to make my dreams come true one by one.
Fourth, I break the rules, I quit my job. I start to find a new one. I take one job, I don’t like it and then quit. Then I take another job. But still, after long searching for the right kind of job that I was looking for, I haven’t found it. I began to regret on my early decision of quiting my first job. And I hate such kind of feeling.

I really have to think over and over before making the decision. I should have the courage and I should not regret on any consequences of the decision that I made. I hope God could help me and show me the right choice. The path that will lead me to the very best of me. Aamiin…

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