Gaining A Huge Lesson From Japan

First Written and Published on My Facebook Notes at Saturday, 17th of April 2010 at 08:56 PM

I watched NHK World program : From Housewife to Hospitality Pro. The program showed about one restaurant in Japan that uses local housewives as its part-time workers. The manager trained them in order to become hospitality pros. The training consisted of cooking technique and hospitality lesson. Those housewives are taught how to get the right taste of food that is suitable for each customer. They also learned how to give pleasant manner so that the customers would feel comfort and satisfied. This will eventually generate regular guests.
I think this method can empower women especially housewives, reduce unemployments, raise families’ income, and increase the economic growth.
Japan really concerns about customers’ satisfaction. Indonesia should really imitate that possitive trait. I wish all the best for Indonesia in the future.

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