My Activities

Written and Published on My Facebook Profile

1. Ibadah
Sholat, do’a, dzikir, read Holy Book Al-Qur’an,
2. Exercise
I do fitness, aerobic using dvd at home,
3. Taking care of myself
Bath, cleansing my face, brush my teeth, cut my nails, and many others,
4. Household Activities
I live alone so I have to take care all of the activities. I am fond of simplicity so I wish to have many kinds of stuff that could make the jobs easier and quicker,
5. Working
To be honest, this job is not exactly my dream job. But I try very best to work hard. My idealism is that I want to work in a place that can make me learn many things, make me improve and expand,
6. Reading
I buy books and read them in my free time. I hope someday I could have my own library,
7. Internet
Browsing, Email, Download, and sometimes Chatting.
8. Checking Status on Facebook
I met some friends that I have loosed contact with, since I graduated. So I think this activity is worth it.
9. Eating
I like any kind of meals, cakes, and drinks as long as they’re delicious.
10. Watching movies, series, or TV
This is one of my hobbies. I usually watch dvds or TV at home. I like many different kind of movies. Genre – drama, romance, comedy, tragedy, thriller, adventure, etc.
Origin – Hollywood, East Asian (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China), Bollywood, Other countries (UK, Denmark, etc) or Movie Industries.
I don’t like horror movies unless they don’t only focus on Horrific things. For example, Supranatural (Series – Hollywood). I tried so hard to remember other examples, but nothing crossed my mind. Yeah, I really don’t like Horror movies.
11. Sleeping
I usually sleep early and I never have sleeping disorders. I hardly ever take a nap even on weekends. I prefer doing other stuffs rather than taking a nap. Sometimes I sleep late if I have other jobs to do.
12. Listening to musics
It all depends on my mood. Sometimes I want to listen to music and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I crazily sing along with all the songs I know and sometimes I’m just, Hmm, drown in silence. Music that I’m fond of, varies from western songs, Asian (J-Pop, K-Pop, C-Pop), ’til Indonesian songs. What about classical musics? Well, although it seems interesting, but I don’t know much ’bout them. I’m not like some of my friends who Google and download classical musics.

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