My Favourite TV Shows

Written and Published on My Facebook Profile

1. Ninja Warrior
I like to see the struggle and winning attitude of the contestants. My favourite Ninja Warrior is Makoto Nagano. I wish I have the DvDs, but unfortunately, they’re not on sale.
2. Happy Song
I like this gameshow. It’s to check out how far do we know Indonesian Songs.
3. Take Me/Him Out
The concept is matchmaking man and woman. In Take Me Out 30 women has the right to choose a man after his performance (there is 7 men everyweek). In Take Him Out, there’s 30 men and 7 women.
4. It’s Dubbing Time
It’s a unique show. Two teams of celebrities get a challenge to dub random and mix movies. The most hilarious will be the winner.
5. Take A Celebrity Out
Quite funny. It’s matchmaking between celebrities. The funniest is the couple in first episode that is Dwi Andika and Chika Jessica.
6. Showbiz Extra
At Korea’s Global TV, give news about Korea’s new movies or series, actors or actresses, Korea’s music, popular singer or newcomers.
7. Let’s Speak Korean
It’s a gameshow designed attractively to let the contestants speak Korean.
8. Hollywood Highlights
At VoA, giving informations about Top Box Office movies within a week.
9. Pops in Seoul
It’s all about music. It’s all about K-Pop : Solo, Duo, Girl groups, Boy groups. There’s a chart everyday bout korean musics.
10. The Oprah Winfrey’s Show
An interesting talk show hosted by Oprah Winfrey talk about various issues.
11. Koffee With Karan
A talk show with Karan with actors and actresses from Bollywood movie industry as his guest.
11. Seleb Dance
A contest between 10 couple celebrities to dance the coreography.

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