My Interests

Written and Published on My Facebook Profile

1. Pendidikan / Education
I would like to learn many things. In formal, I want to perceive higher education abroad, master degree, doctoral degree, ’til professor. It has been my ambition since I was a child,
2. Bahasa Asing / Foreign Languages
I wanna learn many foreign languages such as japanese, france, korean, germany, hindi, mandarin, etc and of course english.
3. Learning about other countries and cultures.
I think about this hobby when one of my friends talked about it. Then I realize I do like to learn about other countries and cultures, in fact, I continue do this. It began quite early in my childhood, at the moment I watched “Oshin”, the legendary character in Japan. I imitated the way she walked using Japanese wood sandals. Afterwards, I red, watched and learned ’bout Japan and its culture, and other countries as well.
4. Seni / Arts
Dances both modern and traditional dances, music such as pop and classical musics, drama in threathical shows and movies, paintings, photography, tradition such as Batik, Angklung, tea ceremony and others.
5. Internet
I can’t live without it. Through Internet, i have learnt, still and will learn many things, from uncommon phrases, disease informations, latest events, entertainment news, and many others,
6. Buku / Books
I love books. My favourite themes are about religion, motivation and psychology. I read other kinds of book as well, for example ensiclopedy, history, biography, journey, tips, etc. the most important thing that they have interesting contents. Including some novels, although I’d say that I’d rather read non fiction,
7. Film dan Serial / Movies and Series
You can call me a movie maniac. I have watched lots of movies. My favourites are movies that have many lessons for me to learn. So that after watching, I could broadband my mind. I have a sensitivity regarding to movies. I mean I can sense lack of quality in the acting and which part need to be improved in order to gain audiences’ attention. I would like to make movies some day.
8. Jalan-jalan / Traveling
I wish I could get the chance to travel around places in Indonesia and other countries. Although my wish hasn’t been granted, but I’m still hoping someday it will, aamiin..,
9. Kuliner / Foods
I want to try many kinds of meals from different places, inside or outside my country. Hmm yummy,
10. Tes Psikologi / Psychology Tests
I feel enjoy to take some psychology tests (well, I have taken many actually) on the internet or magazines. Most of them can reveal who I really am. That makes me know myself even better.
11. Event yg menambah wawasan / Well Worth Events
The one that will give you much informations and extra knowledge, Such as Talkshow, discussion, exhibition, book fair, etc.

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