Ninja Assassin (Hollywood Movie)

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Raizo (Rain) is one of deadliest assassins in the world. Taken from the streets as a child, he was transformed into a trained killer by Ozuno Clan, a secret society whose very existence is considered a myth. Raizo then betrayed the clan and managed to go on his own way after suffering from great injuries. He was determined to revenge his clan and Ozuno, the leader and his ex-master. There is one girl named Mika who is subject for murdered by his clan. Raizo faced them and saved her. In the end, raizo put an end on his revenge at the moment he succeed to kill Ozuno.
What I like from this movie is that the scenes are not over-exaggerated. Raizo had many injuries while fighting other ninjas, he is exhausted sometimes, and not ashame to run away when the going gets rough. I like the fight, they move fast like real ninjas. I bet Rain trained really hard to do this movie and his effort is seen. Well done.
What I don’t like from this movie is lack of reasons. Why Ozuno Clan was chasing Mika. Who’s the one that ordering Ozuno Clan to kill Mika, or is it Ozuno himself that feeled threatened. What subject was she working on that endangered her. It’s all still absurd. The movie merely focus on the fight but it really kills the story. Too bad.


  1. Could you translate it in english, please? I can’t speak portugese. 🙂
    First comment, are you saying that you believe the existence of ninja and you have met one of the ninja?
    -> wow, it’s awesome. Where do you meet ninja?
    I believe ninja is real. Even though i haven’t really seen them. 🙂
    Second comment, I don’t understand. Sorry.


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