The Island (Hollywood Movie)

Written and Published on My Facebook Profile

Dr. Melvrik has made a breakthrough in science by creating Clones. With the technology, he and other scientists can save the clients who need donor of organs. The clients invest 5 million dollars to have a clon with the idea that the clon of organs they need is kept in a plastic that keeps it alive. But yet through research, Dr. Melvrik and Co, find out that the organs won’t live without the body who can think, act, and feel. So they decide to create a real human clon, but keep it secret from the clients. He made a factory of clones underground as the clones’ world and define a fake memory for them that it’s the world ends and they survive from contamination. The only purpose for them is winning the lottery to live in The Island of paradise. But the truth is the moments they’ve been selected to The Island is their moments of death because that is when the clients need organs from the clones.

All goes well until there is a product, Lincoln 6 Echo who always questioning his presence there. He keeps questioning the systems and eager to find out the answers. Until one day he finds out that The Island means Death. So he takes Jordan 3 Delta with him and They manage to run away and discover the real world. They face a choice to run away and start a new life or go back to save their friends. They choose to go back and save their friends. They destroy the place and let their friends see the real world outside.


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