Spy Next Door (Hollywood Movie)

Bob Ho is a secret agent CIA from Chinese Intelligent who’s about to retire after finishing his last assignment – capturing the leader of Russian Criminal, Poldark. He completes the task. After that, he wants to marry his girlfriend who is also his neighbor, Gillian. But she refuses his proposal because her kids which are her priority hate Bob. Gillian has three kids, Farren (step daughter), Ian, and Nora. Bob decides to get close to Gillian’s kids in order to convince her to marry him. Meanwhile, Poldark is rescued and CIA suspects there is a traitor inside the CIA who helps him get away.

One day, Gillian’s dad is sick and she needs to go to Denver to look after him in the hospital. Bob offers his help to take care Gillian’s kids in order to force them to like him. Bob receives a call from his friend at the CIA, Colton, who asks him one more favor to encrypt a site from Poldark’s computer to see what file in it. After Bob encrypts it, the three kids are dropped by Gillian to his house, so Bob needs to stop his work at the computer. While Bob is packing his stuffs to move in to Gillian’s house, the three kids are inspecting his house to know more about Bob. Ian looks at Bob’s computer and sees a file, Stockholm GBH. He thinks it’s a music concert show so he downloads it.

For a few days, Bob is getting close to the kids right until the Russians track down who download the file and find out that it was Bob. They want to catch him to get the file, that turns out as a formula pattern of a growth bacterial hybrids that could eat oil. They are running after Bob. Bob doesn’t want the kids to be harmed, So he calls Curtis, his other friend at the CIA, to help him keep the kids save. But Bob then discovers that Curtis is the traitor. He also suspects Colton, who sends him the site in the first place. Not knowing who could be trusted, Bob takes the kids to the hotel. When Farren calls Gillian and tells her what happened, Bob confesses to her that he is a CIA agent and that the children are no longer save with him. He tells Gillian to pick the children and take them away from him. When Gillian shows up, she is extremely mad at Bob for putting her children on danger. She breaks up with him and tells him to stay away from them. The childen feel sad because they have already loved Bob. But Bob must leave for their sake.

Bob goes to the warehouse to confront with the Russians. Unfortunately, Ian followed by Farren show up and ruin everything. The are captured and interrogated. There they know that Ian is the one who downloads the file and stores it in his iPod on the desk at home. Curtis tells Bob everything about Russians’ plan to eliminate all oils in the world except theirs so they can sell the oils with high price. When Bob asks Curtis, how could Curtis & Colton betray him, Curtis tells him that Colton isn’t involved. Some Russians go to Gillian’s house, while Poldark, Curtis, some others stay in the warehouse to get rid of Bob, Ian, and Farren. But they manage to get away, beat Poldark and the gank, then head to Gillian’s house to save Gillian and Nora. Bob calls CIA office for back up. With the help of Gillian and the three kids, Bob manages to beat all the Russians just in time Colton arrives with many agents to arrest the Russians and Curtis.

Gillian asks Bob to leave but the three kids beg her to let him stay. Gillian grows soft to see their action and finally accepts Bob.


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