My Definition of Love

Take a look around, ever since we were young, we were surrounded by so many loves. We could observe, generate, and then determine the concept of love. That’s why there’s no exact definition of love. Our mind, the influence from surrounding, the many experiences that we find from time to time are some factors in which we derive our own definition of love.
For over a quarter decade living in this world, I’ve observed the surroundings and then made my definitions of love and probably will add more as I meet some new things. Some of the definitions might be the same like what you have in mind, and some might not.
Since I’m planning to add many into it, little by little, I’m pretty sure this is going to be a long note. Okay, here it is.


Β Β  My Definition of Love

Love is when you have no reason to fall for someone.

Love is when there’s no one else in your mind besides her.

Love is when everything about her is interesting to you.

Love is when you find out about her weaknesses, instead of hating her, you feel the urge to help her improve.

Love is when you want the best for her. Everything else is less important to you.

Love is when you feel jealous to someone who attracks her attention.

Love is when you worry something bad will happen to her and you want to protect her with all your might.

Love is when you see her eyes, you can feel the warmth of her soul and you feel connected to her.

Love is when with her, you feel most at home.

Love is when she’s away, you miss her so much.

Love is when she did a mistake, her guilt is enough to stop your anger.

Love is when someone told you about her flaw, you refuse to believe until you investigate it by yourself and the reason behind it. After finding out, you feel care and want to help her.


Well, those are some of my definitions of love, so what’s yours?
Feel free to add a comment. To me, writing is one way to express my ideas. I value the impacts that it has on my self development as much as I value the feedbacks from others who’re reading my writings. Thank you.


  1. What u wrote here i feel agree personaly … but i have a question why girl feel shy when i meet her? I had told her i suka sama km … can u give some idea because recently i jatuh cinta sm seorg cewek indon πŸ™‚


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