It’s BoyGirl Thing (Hollywood Movie)

Woody Deane and Nell Bedworth are two classmates who are also neighbors but live in different world. Woody is a football captain, who is about to face the homecoming game, the most important game that could get him to college. While Nell is a smart girl who loves literature and plans to follow the interview to enter Yale University.

The two of them argue all the time, anywhere including at the museum. Instead of learning Taxalapoca’s culture as they’re assigned, they argue in front of the statue of Mastax, The Sorcerers’ God, which end up with their switching souls on the next morning.

Confused, they keep blaming and arguing, until finally they realize the fact that they’re stuck in the wrong bodies for who knows how long. The Homecoming Game and Yale’s Interview is one week in the future and if they want to focus on achieving their goals, they have to cooperate. They’re helping each other in football training and literature learning.

In the end, they both make it. And right after winning The Homecoming Game, they’re back in their own bodies. But not only that, they have worked on their relationship as they grow appreciation, or even more, start develop feelings for each other.

On the homecoming dance, they admit that they’re in love as they realize that together they’ve become better persons. They start dating since then and Nell decide to throw away her dream in Yale to be with Woody.

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