Good Deeds Turn Out To Be Sins

I often wonder to myself, this world consists of good and bad people.
But somehow, it’s not that simple to classify humans into that two terms.
It’s complicated because while some people might consider a person as a bad person, his close acquaintances might think the otherwise.
Human have purposes of living in this world, right?
And one of those purposes is said, to do good deeds to others.
But to whom we should consider doing good deeds?
Because sometimes those people to whom we do good deeds, don’t really remember about it, or even worse, turn out to be evil to us. What should we do when that happens?
Should we stop doing good deeds to them?
Then do we resent them for being ungrateful?
Perhaps it struck us to think that maybe we just happen to meet the wrong persons. But is it our fault?
This kind of thing eventually can lead us to be skeptic and lose trust in humanity.
Because the fact that sometimes doing good deed seems so unworthy.
Some people might respond that we should not hope for anything in return from doing good things.
But we can’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt us, to know that we’re being harmed by those people whom we cherish.
Is it some kind of test? To see whether we do the good deeds for gaining only God’s favor or not.
If we resent those bad persons and regret doing good deeds to them, then our good deeds would have no worth at all.
Then what’s the point in doing good deeds?
What do those bad people get as the payment of their evilness?
Does it make them the sinners?
But do we also the sinners?
Why do good deeds turn out to be sins?
If this keeps going on, it does make me wonder,
How can we prevent this from happening again in the future?

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