Who’s The Happiest Person?

Maybe the happiest person is the one who can cook since he can make delicious foods with whatever ingredients in his refrigerator.
Maybe it is the person who is living his dream job because even with hardships he’s going through he stays strong.
Maybe the one with solid family is the happiest because they are the source of strength in his life.
Maybe the one who has a lot of money because whatever you want to do you need money.
Maybe it is the healthiest person because what’s good with all those money if you’re sick.
Maybe …
But no! They are not.

The happiest person, I guess, is the one most grateful.

No matter what meal he has even though it is simple or taste bad, he’s grateful that at least he can eat and survive.
No matter how crappy his job is and doesn’t even pay that much, he’s grateful he still can earn something.
No matter when he’s left by himself, no family to care for him or for him to care, he’s grateful, he’s strong.
No matter how much money left in his pocket, whether it will still be enough to get by tomorrow, he’s grateful, for today.
No matter if his health deteriorate, and he can’t get a proper medication, he’s still grateful.
For every breath,
For every little thing,
He’s grateful.
He is the happiest person on earth.
Because he doesn’t see what others are having,
He’s just grateful for everything God Has Given him.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

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