Ramadhan is a Blessing for Non-Smoker

I love Ramadhan and wish for every months to be Ramadhan. There are many things to miss once Ramadhan is over. But today, I just realize one more thing during Ramadhan which I would miss. It is the blessing that no one smoke in public during the day of the fasting month.

Today, as Ramadhan is over, inside the public transportation there was one guy who was constantly smoking cigarettes, one after the other, without a care for the other non-smokers.

I already decided not to judge and always respect other people’s way of life and also not to hate anyone. So this was like one of the tests for me.

The smoke came into my sense of smell and seeped into my lung even despite the fact I was using a mask and closing my nose tight. I continued to hope he would stop smoking and I prayed to Lord to show him the right way and make him stop smoking immediately.
Thank God he stopped not long after.

I know I still have a long way to go in my path of going back to innocence and no hate pledge.
But today I manage not to hate him the way I used to everytime someone smoked near me.

I guess after Ramadhan, there will be a lot of such cases. How I wish every months were Ramadhan.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

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