The Search for Happiness


According to World Happiness Report 2016, the ranking of the happiest countries during 2013-2015
of the countries I visited before is as follows:

7th Netherlands
12th Austria
16th Germany
18th Belgium
23rd UK
27th Czech Republic
32nd France
37th Spain
50th Italy
53rd Japan
79th Indonesia
91st Hungary
94th Portugal

and the Top 3 (Sadly, none I have visited):
1. Denmark
2. Switzerland
3. Iceland

When I read the report, I am amazed that it quite supports what I feel about the countries.

I live in The Netherlands to study for a year. I could say I feel happy there. Why? I don’t know, it feels quite comfortable. A lot of things there suit my need. I like that there are not so many cars, how the pedestrians have no difficulty crossing the street. You may think it’s silly, but in some countries, pedestrians are not priority. When there are many cars, crossing the street can be so hard, if you want to be safe you have to choose crossing on the bridge or walk to the zebra cross on the traffic light, but the thing is crossing bridge is tiring and the zebra cross usually miles away from each other so to walk there just to cross the street is a hassle. In The Netherlands, there is a button you can push to cross the street and then you have to wait for a while waiting for green signal then you can cross safely. If you come across the street where there is no button for crossing, the cars would stop when you cross, because it’s the rule there that the pedestrians should be given a priority, nice isn’t it?

Secondly, about Austria. I went there for a short visit for 2 days sightseeing. Perhaps, it could not be accurate to describe thing just from that short amount of time. But Vienna is the most favorite city among all the cities I visited in Europe. Why? Well, the city has so many cultural places. For someone who loves art, like me, I can feel like in heaven if I stay in that city for long time. Seeing an opera performance, or just listening to a lady playing her harp at the side of the street, amazing. At that time, I felt like I wanted to stay there for long to listen to her playing but I had to go to my next destination. They have a great transportation system and everything seems so close to each other. My favorite place is the Palace. I went there three times but I feel like I’m still not satisfied exploring around the palace. I want to go to Austria again with a lot of money because living there is quite expensive. And I want to try everything I didn’t get to try because I didn’t have enough money at that time. Will I ever have that much money? I’m not a person who cares so much about money but unfortunately so many things that we want to enjoy in this world require money. Sad.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

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