I Love Staying Abroad

18 August 2014, was the day I returned to Netherlands after finishing my field trip of data collection in Indonesia for my thesis.
I felt really happy to go back to Netherlands since a month in Indonesia at that time felt kinda awkward for me.
Maybe it’s a sign that I love staying abroad more than staying in Indonesia.
I was envious to some of my friends who didn’t have to go back to Indonesia since they choose to do a research using secondary data instead of primary.

That day, I also had mixed feeling because after I returned to Netherlands, I only had around one month left before I had to leave Netherlands and back to Indonesia for good.

Why did I feel that way, love staying abroad more than in Indonesia.
I really have no idea.

But one of my friend opened my mind by saying perhaps it’s because I could be a whole different person there, without attachment from the past, especially when the past is something that I want to forget. I guess she’s right.
But I don’t really need to mention about the past here.

So in that sense, I’m really looking forward to get another opportunity to live abroad, perhaps for my Ph.D study? It would be much longer, not just a year like during my master study.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

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