Self Worth

How much do you think your worth?
Do you think you’re better than others or do you think you’re less than others?
Is it good to have that kind of thought?
Isn’t that each human valuable in their own way?
I am a sensitive person. I tend to have low self-confidence. I used to think I am less than other people. Because of so many reasons. One that has haunted me for so long is the fact that I’m not that good in socializing with other people. I used to blame myself when I couldn’t get close to people or when people couldn’t accept me for who I am.
But then I slowly comes to term with it. I realize that everyone is unique in their own. My weakness, I already embraced it. In returns, I know that I have my strength also.
But there are some people who like to judge from their own perspectives, without considering the other side. They are quick to assume, jump to their own conclusion, without even asking others’ point of view.
I know that being good in socializing will do you good in many ways. But blaming someone for not being good at that, pricking their weakness as if they are guilty for something they are not good at, is it wise?
Everyone has a wish to be accepted as the way they are, both weakness and strength. Making their self-worth dropping down-low is not something one should do as a human. Since human are full of imperfection.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

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