A Marriage Should be With Love

I won’t love someone if it does not reciprocate. I won’t start loving if I know I won’t be at the receiving end of love as well. Because as much as I give, I want to accept as well. Because I’m not as kind and selfless as my mom. Because I see and know how painful it is to love someone who does not love you as much.
So a marriage without love is not an option for me. I’d rather wait until I could meet someone who is destined to be with me in a loving relationship rather than rush a marriage but end up in a bland relationship.
Because I am fine alone and I have coped with “being alone” well enough. So I want “being together” means being with someone where both can be better. And my definition of loneliness is not being alone but the emptyness feeling you feel despite being together.
Marriage is a hard work but it could work when both sides are trying their best, it’s not enough if only one side gives an effort.
Falling out of love may be easy, but having an affair is out of the question. You just have to be honest and call it quit before starting a new relationship, is that so hard? Man up and don’t be a coward or selfish brat. Because as much as you want to find happiness, the other person also deserves the happiness.

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