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Vienna, Austria 13/10/2016

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I went for a short visit to Vienna, Austria for 2 days of sightseeing on 7-8 April 2014. Perhaps, it could not be accurate to describe things just from that short amount of time. But Vienna is my most favorite city among all the cities I visited in Europe.
Well, the city has so many cultural places. For someone who loves art, like me, I can feel like in heaven if I stay in that city for a long time. Seeing an opera performances, or just listening to a lady playing her harp at the side of the street, amazing. I only experienced the second one and at that time, I feel like I wanted to stay there for long to listen to her playing but I had to go to my next destination.



They have a great transportation system and everything seems so close to each other.
My favorite place in Vienna is the Palace. I went there three times in two days but I feel like I’m still not satisfied exploring around the palace.


I want to go to Austria again with a lot of money because living there is quite expensive. And I want to try everything I didn’t get to try because I didn’t have enough money at that time.
Will I ever have that much money? I’m not a person who cares so much about money but unfortunately so many things that we want to enjoy in this world require money. Sad.


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