Korean Variety Shows

This is a list of variety shows that I have seen some or all the episodes. Click the name of the variety show to see the description on Wikipedia and click [watch] to go to website that host some or all the episodes to watch with English subtitle. As for me, I’d rather not watch if there is no English subtitle because it’s not that fun if I don’t understand what they said. So I’m not going to share the links of websites with RAW videos.

[In the middle of adding the variety shows and the links]

Arirang – After School Club [watch]

Arirang – Pops in Seoul [watch]

Arirang – Showbiz Extra [watch]

Arirang – Simply K-pop [watch]

GOM – Making The Artist [watch]

JTBC – Abnormal Summit [watch]

JTBC – Crime Scene [watch]

JTBC – High Society [watch]

JTBC – Please Take Care of My Refrigerator [watch]

JTBC – Shinhwa Broadcast [watch]

JTBC – Two Yoo Project: Sugar Man [watch]

KBS Drama – Miracle Show [watch]

KBS World – Battle Trip [watch]

KBS World – Cool Kiz On The Block [watch]

KBS World – Entertainment Weekly [watch]

KBS World – Hello Baby [watch]

KBS World – Hello Counselor [watch]

KBS World – I am a Man [watch]

KBS World – Invisible Man [watch]

KBS World – Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 [watch]

KBS World – Quiz Expedition [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 1 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 2 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 3 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 VS 100 [watch]

KBS2 – A Song for You [watch]

KBS2 – Birth of a Family [watch]

KBS2 – Exciting India [watch]

KBS2 – Gag Concert [watch]

KBS2 – Game Show Unbelievable Challenge [watch]

KBS2 – Happy Together [watch]

KBS2 – I Have An Uncle [watch]

KBS2 – Immortal Song 2 [watch]

KBS2 – Invincible Youth [watch]

KBS2 – Sang Sang Plus [watch]

KBS2 – Song Battle [watch]

KBS2 – Star Golden Bell [watch]

KBS2 – Win Win [watch]

KBS2 – You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook [watch]

KM – Idol World [watch]

MBC – Come To Play [watch]

MBC – Golden Fishery [watch]

MBC – I Live Alone [watch]

MBC – Idol Star Athletics Championship [watch]

MBC – Infinity Challenge [watch]

MBC – Introducing Star’s Friends Survival [watch]

MBC – King of Masked Singer [watch]

MBC – Let’s Sleep Here Tonight [watch]

MBC – Love Survival Show [watch]

MBC – Nodaji [watch]

MBC – Radio Star [watch]

MBC – Real Men [watch]

MBC – Star Dance Battle [watch]

MBC – We Got Married [watch]

MBC Every1 – EXO Showtime [watch]

MBC Every1 – Family Needed [watch]

MBC Every1 – Flower Boy Generation [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 1 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 2 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 3 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 5 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Infinite Showtime [watch]

MBC Every1 – Infinity Girls [watch]

MBC Every1 – The Teacher Is Coming [watch]

MBC Every1 – Weekly Idol [watch]

Mnet – 4 Things Show [watch]

Mnet – Art of Seduction [watch]

Mnet – Beatles Code [watch]

Mnet – Dancing 9 [watch]

Mnet – Dartstrike [watch]

Mnet – Heart a Tag [watch]

Mnet – Hot Blood [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 1 [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 2 [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 3 [watch]

Mnet – It’s Time [watch]

Mnet – Produce 101 [watch]

Mnet – Ranking King [watch]

Mnet – Scandal [watch]

Mnet – Sesame Player [watch]

Mnet – Show Me The Money [watch]

Mnet – Star VJ Show [watch]

Mnet – Super Idol Chart Show [watch]

Mnet – Super Junior Mini Drama [watch]

Mnet – Superstar K [watch]

Mnet – The Romantic & Idol [watch]

Mnet – This is Infinite [watch]

Mnet – Unpretty Rapstar [watch]

Mnet – Welcome To Wonderland [watch]

Mnet – Wild Bunny [watch]

Mnet – You Are My Oppa [watch]

Mnet – You Can Fly [watch]

SBS – 1000 Song Challenge [watch]

SBS – 2PM Show! [watch]

SBS – Barefoot Friends [watch]

SBS – Exploration of Human Body [watch]

SBS – Family Outing Season 1 [watch]

SBS – GO Show [watch]

SBS – Healing Camp [watch]

SBS – Heroes [watch]

SBS – Hwasin – Controller of the Heart [watch]

SBS – Intimate Note [watch]

SBS – Jung Jae-hyung & Lee Hyo-ri’s You and I [watch]

SBS – Kim Jung-Eun’s Chocolate [watch]

SBS – Law of the City [watch]

SBS – Law of the Jungle [watch]

SBS – Love Letter [watch]

SBS – Quiz of Sixth Sense [watch]

SBS – Roommate [watch]

SBS – Running Man [watch]

SBS – Same Family, Different Dreams [watch]

SBS – Star King [watch]

SBS – Strong Heart [watch]

SBS – X-Man [watch]

SBS – Ya Shim Man Man [watch]

TvN – Grandpas Over Flowers [watch]

TvN – Saturday Night Live Korea [watch]

TvN – Taxi [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Rules of The Game (Season 1) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Rule Breaker (Season 2) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Black Garnet (Season 3) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Grand Final (Season 4) [watch]

TvN – Three Meals a Day [watch]

I love Korean Variety Shows because they are very entertaining. Some made me laugh out loud to see the casts’ behaviors. The concepts are varied: talk show, game show, cooking show, or performance (dance, music, or gag).

One thing that I admire from them is how the people work so hard to show the best.


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