Sincerity in Relationship

I, know, am still lacking in human to human relationship. Being good friends, families, colleagues, perhaps so many people are doing it better than me.
But I, believe, I treat people with sincerity. I never use them or exploit them to fulfill my need. I have a big pride and my pride just won’t let me do that. Being independent for quite a long time and my nature of being so reluctant to ask for help, have helped me minimize or avoid using people.
All these times, I have suffered a lot through many relationships-turned-sour with friends, families, or colleagues.
But I, never the one to abandon people before they abandon me first.
Sometimes people choose money, greed, ego, thought, judgement, and necessities over me, and don’t care how much hurt or harm they inflict on me.
But I, no matter how much hatred on them I used to keep, or then decided to let go, won’t inflict harms on those who have hurt me.
I simply just walk away, after partly blaming myself, questioning why did I experience such a thing again, and shutting another part of my heart so I would hurt less in the future.
That’s how I survive, being a sensitive person in the middle of a society which sometimes lacks in terms of sensitivity.
That’s how I end up being slow to warm up to people.
But I, do have few people whom I feel close to and trust.
The ones I hold dear in my heart.
And I, appreciate sincerity more than anything else because it is the only thing that could touch my heart.

picture credit: picture is not mine, all rights to the original owner

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