Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful



Life and its turn of events sometimes shape us to be who we are today. Our belief, worry, expectation, point of view, moral value, thought, behavior, action, and limitation is something we set for ourselves.

When things start to cloud your judgment and fill your life with negativity, why don’t you put them all down to rest. Let’s start from one clean piece of paper. Lift all those pressures from your heart, mind, and soul.

Treat people with sincerity, when they don’t appreciate it, let it go; it’s not your fault.
If people hurt you, just let it go, don’t think why, it’s in them not you.
No need to think what people think of you because that’s not who you are.

No need to hold back either.
You don’t need to do something you don’t like,
You can do whatever you want to do.

But don’t obsess over things.
If you can’t do it now, you can do it later,

Achieve whatever you want to achieve,
If you can’t achieve it now, maybe you could later.
Failure will not last forever.
“One door is closed, thousand doors are open”
And you’ll never know what future may bring you.

Don’t let your fear of the future and your burden from the past put a shackle on your feet and prevent you from moving further.
After all, the past is in the past, the future will come anyway, so let’s just relax and do your best.

I, must be thinking too much that I forget something.
That the most valuable treasure God has given me is myself with all the blessings God has put in me.
I forgot to be grateful to God for creating myself, the way I am.
Now that I have realized it, I feel so at ease.

Smile all you want. No need to be sad over anything. No need to feel any pressure from yourself or from anyone else.

Just like the song says:
“I am beautiful no matter what they say.”
“I am beautiful in every single way.”

Now “I want to claim my happiness” by being myself.
“Be my own kind of beautiful.”

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