Topeng Kaca Quotes

Glass Mask Quotes





“Peran bukanlah masalah. Asal kita main dengan sungguh-sungguh. Ketika kita berdiri di panggung, maka kita bukanlah diri kita sendiri. Kamu harus memakai topeng karakter itu. Kamu harus bertingkah laku dengan hati, sikap, dan perasaan karakter itu.”

~ Mayuko Chigusa


“Bakat itu adalah kepercayaan pada diri sendiri.”

“To have a talent is to trust yourself, to have faith in yourself.”

~ Mayuko Chigusa


“Wajah adalah nyawa seorang aktris.”

“Face is the actor’s life.”

~ Mayuko Chigusa


“The angry mask, the crying mask, the laughing mask, these three masks represent the most basic emotions of the human being. But the human being does not only have these three facial expressions. There are happiness, hatred, evil, like, and dislike. And the actor has to put on each mask and perform each part.”

~ Mayuko Chigusa


“No matter what happens I will believe in myself and take each step forward one by one, down the path I chose.”

~ Maya Kitajima




“In order to improve, a person has to go through a lot of pain and difficult times.”

~ Rei Aoki




“Imagine everyone’s life story is a theater play, yours could be more interesting compared to the others. To achieve that, you must do your role the best you can.”

~ Mayuko Chigusa




“Although it may fail, I won’t give it up like this. I will try to reach my dream.”

~ Maya Kitajima


“Let’s forget about yesterday. No matter how many times we think about it, we can’t go back in time. Let’s think about tomorrow, how to get through the day. That’s all. If tomorrow is full of misery, there’s always the day after tomorrow! And the day after!”

~ Maya Kitajima



[I have two versions of Topeng Kaca. Both are complete (well until the latest release since the story has not finished yet. But the books are not with me now because I moved to other place. So I’m in the middle of adding more quotes after downloading the book scans from the internet. I will keep adding them.]

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