Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo “The Saddest Thing”


The saddest thing starts when Hae Soo sees Wang So’s painting and reads that Wang So was known as a wise king, not the bloody monarch anymore, but Wang So’s face in that painting looks sad. And then she turns and see Wang So’s back standing alone facing his kingdom, her sadness rises to the top and she cries right there and says,


“I’m Sorry!”

“I’m sorry for leaving you all alone.”



“I’m sorry.”


She cries painfully because she feels sad leaving Wang So alone. I cried together with Hae Soo as I watched this scene. I could feel Wang So’s pain and Hae Soo’s pain altogether.

Then Hae Soo’s cries of sadness goes through the past where we can see Wang So, and Baek Ah coming to him saying that Wook has passed away and he will leave again now that there is no more people to meet.

Wang So is really alone now. His lonely back view is so sad to see.

When Wang So turns around, I can feel his sadness even without him shedding tears.


“Fleeting life.”


He remembers his conversation with Hae Soo before and a little clue that she’s probably not from the same world. Then he wipes his make up so his scar is visible, as his way of remembering Hae Soo and says,


“If we are not from the same world…

I will find you.

My… Soo.”


I hope you will meet your beloved Soo again, Wang So. I know his feeling very well because that’s how I felt when my mother passed away. The unbelievable pain I felt being left alone in this world and somehow even though it’s impossible, I’m always hoping I could meet my mother again somehow.

It’s been two days since I watched this last scene and the sadness still lingers with me throughout the days.

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