Blossoming Romduol Lodge, Siem Reap

My review about this hotel:

The price is including breakfast. The breakfast could be taken away as long as we inform the receptionist a day before. The staffs are accommodating our requests and speak good english. There’s a restaurant so we don’t need to look somewhere else to eat. Airport pick up with tuk tuk is free, could order a tuk tuk with a fee to go to the airport. Hot shower is available. Towel and Basic toiletries are given: tooth brush/paste, hair brush, and soap. There’s two garbage bin, in the room and in the bathroom. The mineral water is given as long as we ask to the receptionist.

The room needs a brighter lamp. I’m not used to a dim light. I order a room with a fan but the air conditioner was there and turned on with minimum temperature, there’s no remote to control it, and I thought it’s broken, so I was freezing for one night. The next day, it turned out the AC was not broken and the remote was in the receptionist, so I asked them to turn it off. It’s fine there’s no separation for the shower, but the shower head is straight, not facing down so it will make the towel rack wet. So I have to hold the shower head to have a shower. There’s no cleaning service or maybe you have to ask to get your room cleaned. No blanket. No place to hang your clothes, either a hanger, a hook, or a wardrobe. So I have to place my clothes by the bed or on the TV table. The door lock is still manual, you have to press inside and close the door to lock it and open it with a key.






Disclaimer: Pictures are mine, except for the front picture belongs to or the owner.

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