Lai Ming Hotel Cosmoland, Singapore

First of all, it was really hard to find a hotel with a private room in good location but under 400000 IDR in Singapore. Most of them are expensive and comes with a disadvantage. After all the search and consideration, I choose this hotel.

My review of this hotel:

It is in good location, two blocks from Aljunied MRT station. You need to cross the street twice and walk for around 500 metres. I brought my big luggage by myself. Overall, not a problem.

The receptionist staff is fine, but not so friendly like some reviews on traveloka said though.

I have a complaint about Traveloka. I wrote a review on traveloka about this hotel but they didn’t publish it and said only some reviews are chosen while on the website it is said all reviews. So I couldn’t copy my review and have to write it again from the beginning for my blog.

I booked the double room and have to get the mineral water at the receptionist. They give me 1 bottle and I need to remind them that I booked double room so I should get two bottles.

They gave me room on the second floor seeing I have heavy luggage. Unfortunately there was no elevator in the building. I asked for some help to carry my luggage and they asked for someone to help. Really appreciate it.

The location of the room was not so nice, it was on the next building beside the main where the reception was. The corridor there was dark and not so clean. The building was old. The room system was with key and to lock it you have to press inside and close it, the door was a bit stuck so I had to pull harder to close.

The room has double bed, a wardrobe, old TV, old blanket and towels but clean enough. The wardrobe has many hangers so I could hang my clothes conveniently.

The electric sockets by the TV and the wall are not in a good shape, The hole was not fit with my charger and even if I brought universal sockets converter, I still couldn’t use it. In the end, my phone was left uncharged. Luckily it’s only for a day. The sockets were quite old and lose and they have it taped all around.

They also tape the additional button for toilet and a stick as a tissue holder. The water to flush the toilet runs well after the button was pushed but it made a loud sound that last for like 3 minutes. The hot shower runs well but the door for the shower separation was missing. What I don’t like is that there was no place to put bath products near the shower so I have to put them in the floor or go back and forth from the sink and shower. Better to remove the shower partition.

The toilet didn’t have water sprayer. Instead they put a scoop to get water from the sink. It’s very uncomfortable. To go back and forth because the sink is not that close to the toilet or within a hand reach. There is only 1 garbage bin in the room so I move it near the bathroom door.

The electric kettle could be borrowed from the receptionist but you have to bring it down when you check out.

When I check out, I asked for another help with my luggage and they ask for someone again.


Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, all rights to or the owner.

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