Grand Palace, Bangkok

I went to Grand Palace on 19 November 2016.

I came there during the mourning period for the King’s passing so some street to go there is closed. My friend was kindly show me the way there and even help me to enter during the ceremony in the park where there are a lot of volunteers sat down and pray for the king. It was a memorable and historical moment and my friend told me a lot of history about the king and The Grand Palace. It was not possible to enter during this period because the queue line is long. So I’m quite satisfied seeing The Grand Palace from outside. We even got to taste some drinks or snacks that people provided free for the volunteers. During the mourning period people wear Black or White, and that’s all I wear during my three days visit in Bangkok. I intentionally brought several of them when my friend informed me about the dress code.

These pictures are from the internet. If I found great pictures on my collection I will add them later.

Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, all rights to their respective owner.

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