Khao San Road, Bangkok

I went to Khao San Road on 19-20 November 2016.

The vibe in Khao San Road at the time of visit is quieter since the King’s passing. It’s not crowded but I like it that way. But as my friend said, to her Khao San is just a road, nothing special and I have to agree with her. It feels great that I finally visit the place people have talked about, and what I see from Running Man’s show when they visited Bangkok at one particular episode. But that’s just it. It’s just a road with so many shops, massage parlor, and food cart. So I took a stroll, tried 3 types of food there, and bought some souvenirs. But I suggest you not to buy souvenirs here. They are overpriced. I just bought them because I didn’t want to search for other places just to buy souvenirs.

These pictures are from the internet. If I found great pictures on my collection later, I would probably add them.

Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, all rights to their respective owner.

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