Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



I visited Kuala Lumpur on 16-17 November 2016.

Kuala Lumpur has quite advance transport system. When I arrived there, I feel like I’m in Europe. But some things need to be improved. One thing for example: the guideline on the KL Sentral, you should say which door leads to which street, if the direction is up, it should be clear whether it means to go forward or upstairs and when the way is ending, there should be another sign pointing whether left or right. I spent 2 hours inside the KL Sentral looking for the correct way to some street even though I’m good with direction. Some people I asked questions to are not really knowledgeable about the way even the one in Tourist information.
Streets in Kuala Lumpur have layers and they don’t show on google maps. I thought I could easily count on google maps like I always do but it’s not that simple. When you see on google map, they give you the way to go walking but without much consideration of whether it’s possible or not. So when it mentioned I just need to come out and turn left, it tuns out the left side is a road that only goes to top, while the hotel’s road is down below with no access to it. Okay then you go right first, cross the street and go left, but when you go left, it only shows one road on google maps but there are three options, one goes straight, one go down, one go up. So what should I take in this kind of situation? I go straight and then it’s wrong, ask someone, and go back again, take the other route. Ugh.


Pedestrian walk outside the KL Sentral is limited, small, sometimes none, and it’s quite dangerous to cross the road as there’s no button to help crossing while the cars drive fast. Since I didn’t know that I have to go through NU Mall and take the crossing bridge at the second floor, it became a hard day for me. Bringing along the heavy luggages, get lost, asking here and there. Sometimes I have to bring them down on the street without the pedestrian walk, and try to cross the street when the cars don’t even slow down to give way. Oh, Man. I aged a lot when I arrived at the hotel. And I blamed the hotel and all the people who previously stayed there who gave review of the hotel but not mentioning about the easy way to reach the hotel.



The transportation cost is quite expensive, especially from the airport to KL Sentral by KLIA Ekspres which is more expensive than the cost between Rotterdam Centraal and Amsterdam Schipol. It doesn’t make any sense because while one is inside the city and the later is across cities. Okay, I check that the distance is similar, but I still hope they reduce the price. I still consider 55 MYR one way and 100 MYR return is expensive. And what’s with the promotion of reducing the price to 40 MYR only to Mastercard holder, what about Visa holder? I’m disappointed.




KLIA Ekspres is rated as #1 Transportation is Kuala Lumpur. It’s understandable because it is on time and the ride only takes around 33 minutes for KLIA2-KL Sentral and 28 minutes for KLIA-KL Sentral.
The facility that I like from KLIA Ekspres is the baggage check in at KL Sentral before going to KLIA for certain airlines. I used that service and at least for 30 minutes ride, I am baggage free. At the airport, I can roam around and grab something to eat without the need to head to the check in counter because the baggage check in at KL Sentral is similar with the check in at the airport. They deliver the baggage straight to the plane and we get the boarding pass also after that check in. Awesome! I didn’t see this type of innovation anywhere. But that facility is only for certain airlines for example Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Emirates. I was so glad that I didn’t opt for a budget airline at that time so I could get a taste of this.




First day in Kuala Lumpur, I tried to understand the transportation systems there and have trial and error. The second day, I have mastered them and have easily travel across. Unfortunately, I only have half day left so I couldn’t go to many places. As expected to travel to certain foreign land (even though it’s still in South East Asia), you have to at least spend three days or more there so you could get more from your trip. Every country and even city is different. But at least I got a taste and that’s what this trip is all about. Getting a taste of each cities in several countries. Overall, it’s a nice and challenging experience with many things to learn.


Note: no disclaimer, all pictures are mine.

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