Your Job Does not Determine Your Value

I met a woman on a train in the Netherlands two or three years ago, she’s Indonesian, a freelance writer, and traveling solo to Europe using her savings from her book royalty. I thought to myself at that time, Wow, that’s amazing! But then, there was an insecurity when she spoke about her job, comparing herself to me when I said I am a government employee. I assured her that she should be proud of herself, not the otherwise, and that no job is better or worse than others.

A similar case happened long before that, back when I met my high school’s friend just a few years after I started working. She mentioned that she did business after graduating, but discredited herself and thought that she’s not as good as someone who has a settle job. I said why would she think so. The fact that she managed a business is something not everyone could do.

On the opposite note, a friend told me that she met one of our school’s friend who had become successful as an officer but acted like a snob. Not that I fully believed her since I didn’t meet that friend directly to know better. But no matter what, I believe:
Being an officer or employee is not something so great that someone should feel they’re better than anyone else, and on the contrary, not being an employee is not something someone should feel ashamed of.

Perhaps it is the society’s judgement who put someone down just because he/she isn’t entitled to a certain job. But why should we be conquered by such ridiculous judgement?

That kind of judgement is one of the reasons people push their children to work as employees and even willing to do whatever it takes to make their children get accepted to some offices.

People go crazy over status and money and don’t realize such things are futile and never something to decide a human’s value.

As for me, even though you’re a king, a president, a billionaire, a superstar, you are not higher than me, and I am not less than you. I don’t care what the society says. Because I believe everyone is equal.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.


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