Mihal – Chicken Mayo and Sesame Recipe [E26]

Winning Recipe 1 of PTCOMR E26


● Ingredients

Chicken breast, kimchi, egg, soy sauce, pepper, garlic, sesame, wheat flour, honey mustard, lemon juice, salt,

● Cooking method

1. Chicken breasts are sliced long and served with soy sauce and pepper.

2. Put the kimchi and mashed garlic in the mixer into the chicken breast.

3. Prepare a mixture of sesame and flour.

4. Mix egg water in chicken breast and bury 3.

5. Fry the chicken breast.

6. Add yolk mustard and lemon juice to egg yolk and mix with whisk.

7. Mix olive oil in small portions.

8. Put a little salt.

9. Fry the chicken breast, kimchi, and chili pepper with mayonnaise.


Disclaimer: All rights reserved to JTBC

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