Jealous of Knowledge


I’ve been saying that I never get jealous of someone with wealth or someone with power or someone with popularity, but I’m always jealous of someone with knowledge.
Back then when I was a student, I never felt jealous of some students who drove to school while I walked nor I felt embarrassed walking in old socks and shoes to school and I even stood proud against a student who mocked me about it.
But when someone solved a math problem better than I did, I admired and was jealous at the same time. And then asked her how she solved it.

Even now I’m still the same.

So I never chase after money or have any ambition for some positions in an office, or wish to become a celebrity.
But I always want to learn.

Learning is like a thirst I can’t seem to fulfill no matter how much water I drink.

And I’m not a genius or anything but I always believe there’s no knowledge in this world you can’t learn. As long as you put efforts, you can do it no matter how long it takes.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the original sources.

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