Seeking a Soulmate in Marriage


I seek a soulmate in marriage, a life long partner, a friend, a lover, someone I can have deep conversation with. Together we’re understanding and accepting, with genuine care for each other.

So I take my time and do not rush a marriage.
As I’m still single now, isn’t that simply mean I just haven’t found the one?
I believe in destiny, everything will happen in the right place and time.

I don’t have a distinct criteria, and maybe “he” we don’t know who, also don’t set a criteria, so it takes more time for us to recognize each other.

“People will get scared if you still pursue higher education.”
I’m not superficial, I don’t put a materialized criteria, like social status, money, car, job, education level, etc for my husband-to-be.

While education for me is just like a hobby. It’s not something to determine someone’s better or worse, and it should never be used for that. It’s just how some societies think. But I always believe everyone is equal.

“You’re already past 30. Women should get married already at that age.”
Still I won’t be rushing. What good will come out of it?

Asking me now when I will get married won’t change anything since I don’t have a partner, yet.
Asking me to open my mind, well, I’m actually a very open minded person if you get to know me.
Asking me to open my heart, I’m sorry, my heart is not a free way pass. I’ll share my heart only with the one I love.

Still I appreciate the concern.

But don’t worry, I’m learning to be happy by myself, and when I found the one I get to love sooner or later, we’ll be even happier together.



Disclaimer: Picture and Emoticon is not mine, all rights belong to the original sources.

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