Once Before…

Once before…
1. I was belittled because I was poor.
2. I was sneered at because my lack sense of fashion.
3. I was pitied because I always seem to do things alone.
4. I was misunderstood because I think and do things differently.
5. I was avoided because they find me hard to get along to.
6. I was hated because I defy their ways of thinking.
7. I was abandoned yet I don’t know why.
But behind all that,
1. I never think wealth is something you use to measure someone’s worth.
2. I never dress to impress someone, I only use what’s comfortable or available for me. The good thing is it saves some money.
3. It takes courage to do things alone and not everyone is able to do that.
4. I am different, I have my own way of things and I stood by my conviction.
5. It was hard also for me to get along and It used to make me sad but now I know everything has its own time and reason, it might not work for now but it might change latter, or it might not work at all but it doesn’t really matter.
6. I don’t force my way of thinking to anyone so why must they force their ways of thinking to me.
7. It hurts me to think that maybe I’m not good enough that’s why it happens but now I realize that they just love themselves more and I should do the same. I just need to stand tall, stop trying, and move on.

Disclaimer: Picture is from internet and not mine.

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