How I Became Independent

I am not independent by choice.
Fate led me to be independent.
But it’s true that originally, I am a person who has a hard time asking for help so I’d rather do everything by myself first.
But back then, I used to have my mom who always help me go strong.
She gave me strength to go through a lot of things.
She was also the one I can always rely on.
But then, God had another plan for us to separate.
My mom passed away…

At that time, it seemed like the whole world was crashing down on me.
And soon after I got to know how scary the world is.
Since my mom who used to protect me was no longer beside me.
I had no one to rely on, but I kept carrying on.
I greeted my teeth and swore to myself that I won’t ask for help from those, the families who kept their hands in instead of reaching out their hands for me to hold.
So I kept that promise and along the way I became an independent woman.

Now, I have all the benefits from being independent.
Nobody in the family can order me on what or what not to do.
They have no say in the path I choose for myself.
Therefore I no longer hate them.
Because I realize that it is partly thanks to them, I get to live how I want.

Being Independent is a bliss.

Disclaimer: Picture is from internet and not mine.

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