I love the recipes video you put on your blog.


A collection of 15-minutes recipes

Click the title to see the recipe

Mihal – Chicken Mayo and Sesame Recipe [E26]

Mihal – The Beef is Alive Recipe [E37]

Oh Se Deuk – Oh My God-To Recipe [E42]

Lee Yeon Bok – Kkal Ssam Dumplings Recipe [E43]

Choi Hyun Seok – 10 Minutes Soup Recipe [E44]

Kim Poong – Slurp Soup Recipe [E45]

Lee Yeon Bok – New Fried Chicken Recipe [E45]

Lee Won il – The Expert of Tom Yam Recipe [E92]

Sam Kim – I Only Need The Sauce Recipe [E92]

Mihal – Oh My Egg Recipe [E93]

Oh Se Deuk – Deviation Chicken Recipe [E93]

Jung Ho Young – Grandfather Gentle Roll Recipe [E94]

Kim Poong – Fishing Stew Recipe [E94]

Choi Hyun Seok – Harvest Day Recipe [E100]

Lee Yeon Bok – Fools Rush in Where Bok Fear to Tread Recipe [E100]

Sam Kim – Gar Crush Recipe [E121]

Choi Hyun Seok – Kkanchoso Recipe [E121]

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