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The Many Facets of Me 14/04/2017

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There are many conflicting sides of me.
I am diligent and lazy,
talkative and quiet,
organized and messy,
both logical and emotional,
caring yet ignoring,
smart but foolish,
strong but weak,
clean but dirty,
bold and shy,
both confident and doubtful in myself.
have both feminine and masculine traits,
independent but want to depend on someone,
thoughtful but sometimes unsympathetic,
could not hate but sometimes full of hatred,
forgiving but holding grudge,
adventurous yet Scaredy-cat,
sometimes rarely worried, sometimes full of worries,
sometimes kind, sometimes not,
have strong memory but sometimes forgetful,
full of suspicions but try to believe in goodness of others,
full of interests but sometimes not having interest in anything,
difficult to be approached but sometimes have an open mind to accept,
both visual and auditory,
right brained and left brained,
(I could list these all years)
That’s why I love to learn about myself.
I am like a Rubik’s cube with no matching color.
So you can’t solve me.
And it could take forever to know me.
Because even I always find something new about myself.
People always try to label someone else, but I often found a little bit of myself in someone else.
Even when I do a personality quiz or psychology, no analysis could be 100% correct, and I could relate to some points on other results. Choosing choices in those quizzes sometimes was not easy because there could me more than one options I could relate to or sometimes there was none but I had to choose one.
There are too many facets of me.
But oh well, like a gemstone, the many facets could increase its value.
So there’s no need to feel discourage.

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TypeFinder® Facets – My Result 11/02/2017

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Your Individual Traits

These are the personality traits that characterize your personality. Although many of these traits will be typical of your personality type, some of them may fall outside of your broad preferences. Thus, these traits scores tell you more about your individual personality, beyond your type. These are the traits that make you unique.


Energetic 56%


You have a high energy level and like to keep busy. You tend to leap out of bed in the morning and buzz from one activity to another. You have a lot of things you want to get done and often find that other people can’t keep up.

This trait is usually associated with Extraversion and, to a lesser extent, with Judging.


Expressive 52%


When you have a thought, a feeling, an idea or an observation, the people around you know it. You’re not one to keep things to yourself, and most people would say you’re an open book.

This trait is usually associated with Extraversion and, to a lesser extent, with Thinking.


Private 76%


You’re selective about how you socialize, preferring small groups (or no group at all). You tend to shy away from large parties, and big social events may leave you feeling drained. You like to pick and choose when and how you interact with others.

This trait is usually associated with Introversion.


Joyful 56%


When good things happen to you, you feel it completely. You’re capable of tremendous joy and enthusiasm and you make the most of the high points in life.

This trait is usually associated with Extraversion.


Friendly 56%


You love meeting new people, and you’re far from shy when it comes to approaching someone. You’re a master of small talk and finding things in common, and you like having a large circle of friends and acquaintances.

This trait is usually associated with Extraversion.


Solitary 76%


You’re highly sensitive to sights, sounds, and other stimuli from the world around you, and often find busy environments overwhelming. Most of the time, you prefer quiet and solitude. Where others may seek to be in the middle of the action, you’d rather find a tranquil corner where you can reflect.

This trait is usually associated with Introversion.


Imaginative 100%


You have an abstract way of thinking and tend to focus on ideas, concepts, and theories rather than concrete things.

This trait is usually associated with Intuition.


Conceptual 84%


You’re interested in discovering the larger principles behind what you see, and enjoy learning about scientific, mathematical, and philosophical theories that can give you more insight into the events you observe in your daily life.

This trait is usually associated with Intuition.


Progressive 76%


You love new ideas and you feel that innovation and futuristic thinking is the key to making the world a better place. You’re attracted to politicians with radical ideas and love to imagine how things could be done better.

This trait is usually associated with Intuition.


Insightful 96%


You enjoy exploring cause and effect, and always ask “why.” You’re not content to accept things as they are, instead preferring to search for deeper answers and a sense of the big picture.

This trait is usually associated with Intuition.


Aesthetic 84%


You have a love of the arts and appreciate a wide variety of cultural experiences. You enjoy anything that elevates your sense and reminds you of the beauty in the world.

This trait is usually associated with Intuition and, to a lesser extent, with Feeling.


Adventurous 80%


You love new experiences; the more exotic, the better. You’re often willing to try things just for the sake of novelty, because even the most unlikely activities seem interesting once or twice. On the other hand, you may get bored with experiences as they become routine. You may find yourself abandoning hobbies and interests that begin to feel too familiar.

This trait is usually associated with Intuition and, to a lesser extent, with Extraversion.


Objective 60%


You are a logical person who tends to evaluate information objectively. You tend not to be swayed by personal pleas, and believe that the best decisions treat everyone equally. You prefer to let impartial analysis guide your actions, and do your best to avoid emotional decisions.

This trait is usually associated with Thinking.


Compassionate 68%


You identify with the feelings of others and are sympathetic when others are suffering. You do not mind being around people experiencing difficult emotions and in fact, feel called to help and support people who are troubled.

This trait is usually associated with Feeling.


Agreeable 60%


You do your best to make others’ lives easy and to adapt to their needs when you can. You’re not usually one to argue, as you have a talent for seeing things from another person’s point of view. Even when you don’t agree, you tend to support other people in their opinions.

This trait is usually associated with Feeling.


Helpful 80%


You feel called to care for others who are less fortunate or less capable than yourself. You enjoy providing for others and are often drawn to children, the elderly, and others who can benefit from your help.

This trait is usually associated with Feeling.


Interdependent 56%


You like to work in concert with others, participating to achieve a common goal. Being in sync with other people and working together brings you satisfaction, and you feel that the best achievements are those that you can share with other people.

This trait is usually associated with Feeling.


Tough 84%


Your motto for relationships could be, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” When people disappoint you, you don’t hesitate to cut them out of your life. You might forgive, but you’ll never forget.

This trait is usually associated with Thinking.


Orderly 64%


You have an appreciation for structure and order in your life, and like to stay organized. You believe in “a place for everything, and everything in its place.”

This trait is usually associated with Judging.


Scheduled 72%


You keep to a schedule and like to organize your day well ahead of time so you know what you’ll be doing and when. You dislike last-minute changes to your plans and especially abhor lateness.

This trait is usually associated with Judging.


Conscientious 68%


You are a hardworking person who likes to take care of your responsibilities before you let yourself have fun. You believe strongly in the importance of fulfilling your duties, and you never try to weasel out of a task that is your responsibility.

This trait is usually associated with Judging.


Disciplined 60%


You resist temptations and distractions, focusing instead on your personal goals. You are not easily lured away from your plans, even when the alternatives are attractive.

This trait is usually associated with Judging.


Ambitious 88%


You would describe yourself as ambitious, and you have many goals that you have set for yourself. You like to have a sense that your current actions are moving you forward toward a better future.

This trait is usually associated with Judging and, to a lesser extent, with Extraversion and Intuition.


Source: Truity


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