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A World Without Money 06/09/2016

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Could you imagine a world where no money is involved?
Everybody could just do any job that they enjoy for themselves, or do any activities that they long to do.
There is no poor, there is no rich, there is no different treatments, we all just as we are, equal.
No one feels they’re better than others, no one feels sad or worried about their well-being.
No capitalization, no war, no famine, no luxury.
Everyone could get what they want without jeopardizing others.
Will this world be a better place then?
Well, it might seem like a ridiculous imagination.
But honestly, I think it is possible.
If one thing is erased from this world: Greed.


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Succeed in Doing Something I Love 10/04/2016

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Succeed in doing something you love is not necessarily mean that you gain wealth, glory, and prestige from it.
It’s just as simply as you are content with what you do because you love doing it, because it’s your dream.
It’s to the point that what people say won’t matter to you, no matter the hardship you’re going through you can still put on a smile, and you can’t think of anything else you would rather do instead of it.
There is no regret, there is no ‘what if’, there is only love and happiness.
That’s my hope to achieve someday.
Simply that.

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.


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