Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds – Korean Movie 2017 [Eng Sub]


The first time I knew about this movie is January 31st. Then I searched it on the cinema in my city in case it is still showing. I got my hope high to see it is still showing in other city but unfortunately the cinemas in my city didn’t air the movie for long. When I emailed them about it, they said they could organized the screening if I have large groups to fill the theater. How can I? I just wanted to watch this movie alone. So I could only wish for some websites to upload this movie to watch at home.

My wish was granted. On February 14th, I didn’t need to wait for long, a website has uploaded the movie. I watched the movie in the morning to noon of February 15th. I really wanted to watch this movie, Why? First, it’s because the genre, Fantasy, Action, Drama. I red the reviews on several websites and it mentioned about the stunning CG effects and a strong story. These are all we could need for a movie with that genres. Not to mention the strong casts have been known for their strong acting performances. I also read that this movie surpassed 10 Million viewers in South Korea alone in short amount of time. But although that’s great as a premise, I don’t really consider box office record as something that assure the quality of a movie.

So what about this movie that attracts so many viewers?

First, the story.

Story of the death of an ordinary fireman named Ja-hong (Cha Tae-hyun). Gang-rim (Ha Jung-woo), the head grim reaper, Haewonmaek (Ju Ji-hoon), and Dukchoon (Kim Hyang-gi) are assigned as public defenders to escort Ja-hong in the afterlife and represent him in 7 trials in 49 days to find out how Ja-hong lived his life and where he ought to spend the rest of eternity, heaven, hell, or granted for reincarnation.

The story is based on a webtoon by Joo Ho-min, Along With the Gods.

I was curious about the concept of 49 days after death in Korea. The first time I heard about it was through the drama 49 Days. And along the way, I watched several dramas nudged on the topic of the afterworld in Korean myth. But none really based the whole story in the afterworld. This is another reason I was so looking forward to this movie.

Before discussing the movie further, just watch the movie first here

I wanted to dwell further on the story of the movie. But because it is a recent movie which is first released in South Korea in December 20th, 2017, it’s not even two months old. So surely there are many who haven’t watched. I think I will stop here first. Then I will add more about the movie in a few days or weeks as to not spoil the story for those who haven’t watched.

Happy watching!

Now it’s time to discuss the movie.

It’s been a little over a month since I posted this and it gained over 1800 views. It might not seem plenty but for a blog like mine which rarely get views over a hundred it was quite much. Now I assume people have already watched this movie, I want to start reviewing it.

The concept of the afterworld is what attracting me to the movie so I start with that. In Korea, people believe in the concept of reincarnation, that if you live good live you will get the chance to reincarnate. This movie also mention about 7 types of hell and heaven. It’s quite similar in Islam there is a concept of 7 level of heaven and 7 level of hell. But there is never such thing as reincarnation, because the afterworld is described as our last home for eternity. While the world is actually just a test where our live spent there is short. The 7 types of hell or heaven in Korean myth have separate trials while in Islam, the trial is just one and it’s like another phase before decision on which level of hell or heaven someone is to enter based on their life’s deeds.


DBSK – Love in the Ice (Japanese Version) with English Lyrics



Love in The Ice (Japanese Version) English Meaning



It’s not your fault those hands are cold
Clinging onto the wounds of the past
Afraid to love someone
Turning your back against
The true meaning of the story

The heart that is hugged
Slowly melts
Like Ice

To be loved by someone
By anyone
It makes life shine
Like this
If it was me
I would make your heart once again
Warm with undying love

Fate’s play
Even though it makes
Your heart ache
When the tears end
A ray of light
Descends from the darkness
We can grasp it

We can feel
The fierce painful touch
Of a person’s warmth

Sorrow and loneliness
That every person endures
Searching for
A refuge to mend
Yes, for you that place is here
Don’t worry, don’t falter anymore
I will protect you

Because it is a love
(My love)
As beautiful
As it is miserable
(Don’t be afraid)
This beautiful
(Let you know my mind)
Beautiful time
(You know)
It’s ephemeral
(Let you know my love)

To be loved by someone
By anyone
It makes life shine
Like this
If it was me
I would make your heart once again
Warm with undying love

Park Gun Young – The Dawn of Abalone Recipe [E121]



Battle 2 Winning Recipe of Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator Episode 121


● Ingredients

Cheese bread, abalone, kimchi, sesame seeds, grapefruit juice, green onions, garlic, onion, soy sauce

● How to cook :

1. Remove the sediment from the cheese bread and cut into the appropriate size and bake in the oven.

2. Separate the shell and flesh of the abalone, wash it thoroughly, cut the sheath with a lattice, and cut to the appropriate size.

3. Chop the green onions and dip them in cold water.

4. Cut the lobster to the proper size.

5. Cut the garlic and slice the onion finely.

6. Bake steaming.

7. Fry the garlic and garlic sauce on a pan covered with oil, add soy sauce, sesame seeds, and trimmed onions and fry them together.

8. Chop the roasted steak.

9. Put abalone in fried ingredients and fry together.

10. Bake cheese bread in a dry pan.

11. Roasted abalone and vegetables are roasted on baked cheese bread.

12. On top of the soil, top off the papaya, grapefruit, and roasted kimchi.


Disclaimer: All rights reserved to JTBC

Choi Hyun Seok – Kkanchoso Recipe [E121]



Battle 1 Recipe 2 of Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator Episode 121


● Ingredients

Beef galbitsal (Boneless short ribs), tofu, noodles plane, instant ox tail soup, seasoning, onion, red pepper, minced garlic, vegetable oil, starch, pepper, salt, soy sauce, garlic, Qingyang pepper, soy sauce, red pepper paste

● How to cook :

1. In a bowl, put onions, red pepper powder, chopped garlic and boiled oil, and turn it into a microwave oven.

2. Cut the small calf to the appropriate size, then put it in the hand blender.

3. Add starch, pepper, salt, and soy sauce to the liver galbbit.

4. Cover the tofu with a cotton swab and squeeze the water.

5. Mix the tofu tofu with seasoned beef ribs to make a ball.

6. Galbi tofu egg white egg and starch in turn, then fried in oil.

7. Remove fried ribs tofu and remove grease.

8. Garlic is crushed and Chungyang red pepper is chopped.

9. Boil the noodles in boiling water.

10. Filter the chili oil on the sieve.

11. Put oil, pepper oil, groomed garlic and Cheongyang red pepper, soy sauce, instant tail gomtang soup in pan with oil.

12. Add the seasoning and the kochujang to the boiled ingredients to make a gyoza sauce.

13. Put the ball fry into the ketchup sauce.

14. Rinse the side of the knife in cold water.

15. Fry the meatballs with chili sauce and red pepper oil in a sauce made of chili sauce.

16. Put the fried noodles in a bowl.

17. Sprinkle the white part of the green onion, rinse in cold water, and place on the stir-fried noodles.

18. Sprinkle with chili oil.


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Sam Kim – Gar Crush Recipe [E121]



Battle 1 Winning Recipe of Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator Episode 121


● Ingredients

Beef galbitsal (Boneless short ribs), spices, bean paste, sugar, minced garlic, soy sauce, onion, green onion, flour, garlic, Qingyang pepper

● How to cook :

1. Fan miso, sugar, minced garlic in oil, wrapped around. Put the soy sauce, stir fry together.

2. Add the water to the fried ingredients and boil the miso sauce.

3. Onion and green onions Appropriate size of the white portion, then buried in flour and fried in oil.

4. Remove greasy fried onions and greens.

5. Put water in the flour and make a dough.

6. Slice the raw noodles into boiling water and cook.

7. Fry the crushed garlic, finely chopped red pepper and chopped green onion in a pan with oil, add the onion with
finely chopped calabash and flour and fry.

8. Add the miso sauce, finely chopped green pepper and pepper to the fried ingredients, and boil the miso sauce.

9. Put red pepper powder and pepper in miso sauce.

10. Add the boiled noodles to the miso sauce and fry.

11. Put the seasoning on the roasted side and fry together.

12. Fry the miso ribs on the plate, then put onions and fried onions.

13. Finish with chopped red pepper.


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The Advocate: A Missing Body – Korean Movie 2015 [Eng Sub]


At first, I just wanted to watch investigation movie, but was not so expectant since I didn’t quite like A Hard Day, the main actor’s previous movie. But this movie is a gem. The story is solid and nothing foolish, combined with strong acting by the actors and a plot twist so it made none of the scene felt boring or useless. I recommend this movie.


Cast :

Lee Sun-kyun as Byeon Ho-sung

Kim Go-eun as Jin Sun-min

Im Won-hee as Office manager Park

Jang Hyun-sung as Moon Ji-hoon


Summary :

Byeon Ho-sung is a hotshot lawyer at a big law firm; with a nearly 100% win rate, his life motto is “Winning is justice, and I am the winner.” After Byeon wins a lawsuit for a large conglomerate pharmaceutical company, its chairman Moon Ji-hoon asks him to defend Moon’s chauffeur Kim Jeong-hwan, who is suspected to have murdered a female college student named Han Min-jeong. A pool of blood was found at the crime scene where Kim was apprehended, but a body has not been found and there are no witnesses.

Kim insists that he and the victim were dating, but passionate rookie prosecutor Jin Sun-min believes that he was stalking Han. Just when Byeon is close to successfully contradicting Jin’s claims and winning the case as he always does, his client abruptly confesses in court on the last day of the trial that he killed Han. Furious at his humiliation and even accused of tampering with evidence, Byeon uncharacteristically embarks on a search for the truth and teams up with Jin. But as he digs deeper, Byeon begins to uncover clues that may link the case back to Moon.


Watch the movie: The Advocate: A Missing Body


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Underworld: Blood Wars [2017] – Hollywood Movie with English Subtitle


I can’t exactly say that I recommend this movie, but for those of you who have been watching this movie installment from the beginning, this movie which is said as the closure should be considered watching. This is somewhat in the middle in terms of quality, there is a better and worse movie among its series. I found the story a bit lacking, some absurdity included, the fight seems exaggerated, but the visual is much better than the previous ones.


Underworld: Blood Wars
Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.
Rating: 6.4/10 (11,364 votes)
Director: Anna Foerster
Writer: Cory Goodman (screenplay), Kyle Ward (story by), Cory Goodman (story by), Kevin Grevioux (based on characters created by), Len Wiseman (based on characters created by), Danny McBride (based on characters created by)
Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver
Genre: Action, Horror
Released: 06 Jan 2017
Full details: IMDb


Watch or download Underworld: Blood Wars (RAW) here:


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