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Happy Women’s Day! 08/03/2017

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Nowadays, women have experienced better situations compared to the past.

Years ago, woman was denied her right to choose a spouse and have to agree on arranged marriage made by her parents. But now woman has freedom to choose and even to an arranged marriage, woman is asked for consent.

Women were not allowed education in previous era, but now they can enjoy education equally.

People used to say to women, what’s the use of pursuing high education, because eventually you will end up in the kitchen.

Although some people are still stuck in such belief but some already have open mind.

Many women have pursued higher education ignoring some people surrounding who sneered upon them.

Others made remarks saying women shouldn’t pursue higher education or better career in case they lose men’s interest as men tend to dislike women with education or career higher than them.

But cheers to the women who choose not to be bounded by that words and keep trying to reach their dreams.

Some women have jobs, help pay the bills, and still do household cores alone. Kudos to all those superwomen. But so glad now some good men have common sense that household cores should be done together between men and women.

Woman used to be told not to voice opinion with man in the household but now it is custom to share opinions together and become each others’ partner in discussion.

Rules that bound women are made by society and cultures, but nonetheless those rules are made by human. So such rules are not something definite because as human changes, the rule changes as well.

Hopefully, rules that disregard women’s values are continue to be erased. May women grow confidence and become happier as their values in the society grow higher each and every day.

Happy Women’s Day!

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Don’t Judge and Generalize! 07/03/2017

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One of the things I dislike is when the society judge the quality of something greater by the value of something small.

For example, when a muslim does a crime, people say how could a muslim do that or even worse, judging Islam as the culprit behind his action or generalize that all muslims are subject of such crime.

While it is merely the fault of the person who could not control his behaviour, or does not apply what the religion teach him, or misinterpret things by his own accord.

Isn’t that the same as if you blame God for things done by humans?
I think it is inappropriate because humans themselves will face the consequences of his actions in the afterlife with Allah The Justice as The Judge.

That’s why don’t judge the book by its cover and don’t judge a person by his attributes.

Remember that each human has his own demon.
We are born good.
But we don’t stay good if we don’t work for it.
And people can change.
People don’t stay good or bad forever.



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Happy Mother’s Day 22/12/2016

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Happy Mothers’ Day! 🙂

May God Bless all mothers in the world who have enormous love and sacrificed a lot for their children.

I remember I made a card and wrote happy mother’s day for my mom. I gave it to my mom with a hug, a kiss, and saying how much I love her and that she is the best mom in the world for me. My mother was touched and sincerely happy.

A simple as it can be but if it brings happiness for your mom, please say how much she means to you.

It’s not your words or actions, but how much sincerity you put into is what matters the most.

Because only what comes from the heart could touch the heart.




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Menanggapi Saran 09/12/2016

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Dulu waktu sekolah di IHS – Erasmus University Rotterdam, universitas sering mengirim email link ke sebuah survei tentang apa yang dirasakan selama perkuliahan dan kendala atau kekurangan apa di universitas yang perlu dibenahi.

Saat itu, saya mengisi sejujurnya pendapat, saran, kritik, masukan yang saya rasakan. Itu tidak mesti artinya buruk karena sebaik apapun kondisi disana tentu ada kelemahan yang kita rasakan.

Setahun-dua tahun setelahnya ternyata mereka membenahi apa yang saya cantumkan di survei itu. Mungkin bukan hanya saya yang menyarankan itu. Namun, mengetahui bahwa pendapat kita didengar dan ditanggapi dengan baik, lalu diterapkan dalam peningkatan mereka itu membuat saya merasa senang. Meski saya tidak merasakan manfaatnya lagi karena saya sudah tidak disana, tetap saja saya merasa senang.

Sangat berharap semua lini di Indonesia bisa seperti ini, terbuka terhadap pendapat, kritik, maupun saran. Tidak perlu bersifat defensif, tidak perlu merasa terusik. Karena saat orang bersedia untuk mengungkapkan pendapat, kritik, saran, bukankah itu artinya masih ada kepedulian. Meski dengan catatan, cara menyampaikannya tentunya harus objektif, tidak dengan niat menyakiti/merendahkan.


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Krisis Moral di Indonesia 16/09/2016

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Terlalu banyak orang yang melanggar antrian dan peraturan lalu lintas di negeri ini.

Hampir setiap hari saat saya mengendari motor di jalan raya, menemui pengemudi mobil yang mengambil jalan untuk memotong tanpa peduli ada saya yang sedang mengemudi di jalan yang berlawanan tersebut. Di jalan dua ruas untuk arah yang berbeda, jika dia mengambil jalan berlawanan, maka dia bisa saja menabrak pengemudi yang ada di jalan tersebut. Sehingga saat itu saya temui, saya terpaksa berhenti dan mengklakson agar dia tahu hal itu tidak pantas dilakukan. Sikap orang-orang tersebut yang tidak peduli akan nyawa orang lain dan hanya mementingkan keinginannya untuk cepat, sungguh membuat saya kesal.

Selain itu, juga ada banyak penipuan dan telp telemarketing yang mengganggu.

Apakah tidak masalah bagi mereka merugikan orang lain untuk memperoleh pendapatan. Tidak terpikirkan kah oleh mereka nasib orang yang telah mereka rugikan?

Kadang saya berpikir, kalau orang-orang saling menghargai tentu hal ini tidak terjadi.

Itu hanya dua contoh di antara sekian banyaknya krisis moral di Indonesia.

Di negeri yang katanya masih menjunjung tradisi tepo seliro, sebagaimana dulu pernah diajarkan sewaktu saya masih sekolah dengan bangganya, kenapa justru banyak ketidaknyamanan yang disebabkan oleh tidak berlakunya tradisi tersebut.
Apakah tradisi itu sudah luntur?
Apakah ajaran itu hanya di bibir saja dan tidak diaplikasikan ke kehidupan sehari-hari?

Apakah moral bangsa sudah sedemikian merosot?
Haruskah begini terus?

Krisis moral yang melanda Indonesia ini seharusnya menjadi perhatian yang serius, lebih dari krisis ekonomi. Karena bangsalah yang membangun negara.


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Public Display of Affection 22/08/2016

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Well, it’s not a scene in drama, but the real life married couple who shows love for each other which convince me that true love does exist.
So my reaction to public display of affection from married couple is “Aww, so sweet!”
Love is in the air and it makes you feel the love also, doesn’t it?
They are married so there’s no reason for them to be ashamed to show their love to each other.
But still, there are some people who react negatively to it, which in my opinion should rather be shown to the display of war and violence.

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Ramadhan is a Blessing for Non-Smoker 07/07/2016

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I love Ramadhan and wish for every months to be Ramadhan. There are many things to miss once Ramadhan is over. But today, I just realize one more thing during Ramadhan which I would miss. It is the blessing that no one smoke in public during the day of the fasting month.

Today, as Ramadhan is over, inside the public transportation there was one guy who was constantly smoking cigarettes, one after the other, without a care for the other non-smokers.

I already decided not to judge and always respect other people’s way of life and also not to hate anyone. So this was like one of the tests for me.

The smoke came into my sense of smell and seeped into my lung even despite the fact I was using a mask and closing my nose tight. I continued to hope he would stop smoking and I prayed to Lord to show him the right way and make him stop smoking immediately.
Thank God he stopped not long after.

I know I still have a long way to go in my path of going back to innocence and no hate pledge.
But today I manage not to hate him the way I used to everytime someone smoked near me.

I guess after Ramadhan, there will be a lot of such cases. How I wish every months were Ramadhan.


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