Don’t Generalize As Excuse!


Don’t generalize as excuse!
Some people generalize some negative actions saying everyone behave the same.
I beg to differ.
You’re just excusing your behavior and framing others.

One example is the saying that every men is bound to be attracted to several women. So some men use this statement to justify their actions of flirting with many different women. Is that true? So what about men who stayed loyal to their significant other. Are you saying they are not men? Truth is those flirty men are just not man enough to admit they are jerks.
Don’t be a coward and admit you’re wrong when you’re wrong.

Can’t you see there are couples out there that even when 10 years, 20, or 50 years have passed since they were together are still going strong and gazing at each other full of love. You are disrespecting such true love with your ill behavior.

Another example is doing a favor to someone just because of money or benefit they got to offer. By saying everyone else do the same, they’re eliminating the fact that what they’re doing is wrong. Then blaming those who couldn’t offer any benefit that it’s their fate to get the unjust treatment for not being born with power or wealth. Isn’t that ridiculous? Many don’t make wrong become right.
Just like Evil doesn’t make Kindness disappear.

You can lie to others but what about your conscience? Or perhaps your conscience is dead? Well, when you die, you just have to go to the after world to make your statement that what you’re doing is right. Then let’s see what will be the result of your trial.

Although the world is full of injustice, not everyone behaves immoral. Some people are trying hard in their lives, abiding the rules, staying good, despite the temptations. It’s not fair to them. So generalizing bad behavior as something done by many is just failed excuse. It’s still wrong and never will be right. Stop fooling yourself!


Wait in Line, Please!

Picture: Old or young, Man or Woman, Rich or Poor, Rushed or not, People should wait in line.


I don’t like if my line is cut, whatever the reason, whoever you are.
The staffs who acknowledge such acts will get my wrath for sure.
What makes people think they have rights to cut the line?
They’re late? Then come earlier.
They’re only buying one thing? Buying few things doesn’t give you the right to be prioritized.
They’re in rush? Everybody has things to do afterwards, not just you.
Don’t ask respect if you can’t respect other person.
This bad habit of cutting the line is severe in Indonesia.
We really need to step up the game and change this.



Aku ga suka kalo antrianku dipotong, apapun alasannya, oleh siapapun juga.
Petugas yg melayani tindakan memotong antrian tersebut, pasti akan mendapatkan omelanku.
Apa yang membuat orang berpikir bahwa mereka berhak memotong antrian?
Mereka telat? Dateng lebih awal lah.
Mereka cuma beli satu barang? Cuma beli sedikit barang tidak memberimu hak untuk didahulukan.
Mereka buru-buru? Semua orang juga punya hal yang mau dilakukan setelahnya, bukan cuma kamu.
Jangan minta dihormati kalo kamu tidak bisa menghormati orang lain.
Kebiasaan jelek memotong antrian marak di Indonesia.
Kita benar-benar perlu berbenah diri dan mengubah kebiasaan jelek ini.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, copyright is as stated in the picture.

My Frustration on People Smoking in Public


Honestly, I don’t care if people are smoking as long as they keep the smoke to themselves. It’s your choice to smoke for whatever reason you choose. You may say to yourself smoking doesn’t really make you sick or we are all going to die anyway whether we smoke or not. It is your right to choose on how you want to treat your body or on how you want to die. But do you have to bring people to suffer sickness because of you or to die instead of you?
Please think, you flaunt your smoke, letting out the smoke in the air for everyone to breathe in. You think it’s your right. But your right is bordered by other people’s right also, the right to breathe in fresh air free from harmful substances in cigarette smoke. If you lock yourself in a room to smoke for yourself, nobody cares. But when you do it in public, forcing people to suffer the consequences of your action and choice, how does that make you any different than people who hurt other people physically?
I really hope people who smoke in public got arrested and put in jail. That smoking in public would be considered as physical assault and there’s legal consequences for it. So they would see the seriousness of this issue.


Someday, I will go live in a country where smoking in public is banned and people abide by the rule. Up until now here in Indonesia, it’s like almost every time I’m outside, there’s someone who smokes.
Na michigeol gat-a. Home is the only safe place away from smokes.


I treat people who smoke near me far worse than people with infectious diseases.
People who got infectious diseases don’t have a choice. But people who smoke made that choice and even willing to sacrifice other people’s health for their own, what? addiction.
It’s a common knowledge that passive smokers (people who breathe the secondhand smokes are more prone to health issues).

So, sorry not sorry!
Because I hate cigarette smokes for as long as I could remember. Since I was a child, my father is a heavy smoker and I am against his habit all the time.

Everytime someone smokes near me, I couldn’t stand it. I could smell the smokes even from a distance. Wearing a mask doesn’t help much. I feel suffocated and then my rage boils.
So it’s either I tell them off, glare at them, or run away from them, avoid them at all cost.

I wish I could destroy all cigarettes in the world.


I can smell cigarette smokes from far away.
It’s hard.
In a country ruled by smokers, even when there’s a rule not to smoke in public, no implementation could be felt.
So for someone who really despise cigarette smokes (like me), it’s hard
to go with public transportation,
to eat outside,
to be in a confined place,
when it’s filled with smokers (even smokes from one is worst enough for me) who doesn’t understand:
that we, non-smokers, really crave to breathe in the air without being contaminated by your cigarette smokes.
If I were a president of this country, the first thing I would do is to ban smoking in public and to put a very strict rule in its implementation, everywhere.


In Netherlands, it was not allowed to smoke inside buildings. Any smokers would go outside to smoke, even in the freezing weather. So I was so relieved. I didn’t have to fight with the smoke and I can’t recall getting upset because of cigarette’s smell during that year.


“The picture shows Indonesia is in the yellow, where there is only Partial “smoke-free” restrictions, or patchy or INCONSISTENT law enforcement.

Tobacco kills more than 7 million people each year. More than 6 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 890 000 are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Cigarettes are smoked by over 1 billion people, which is nearly 20% of the world population. About 800 million of these smokers are men.

Nearly 80% of the world’s more than 1 billion smokers live in low- and middle-income countries. Only 20% smokers live in high income countries, and with US leading the numbers, so less smokers are found in other high income countries. This will make the proportion of smokers to non smokers in those countries is way lower than in low- and middle-income countries, for example Indonesia.

Indonesia already has the world’s highest smoking prevalence among males, as 67.4 percent of males over 15 years old smoke, meaning 2 out of 3 guys in Indonesia are smokers. Currently, the country ranks fourth on the list of countries with the most smokers, behind China, Russia and the US.”


Data & Picture sources: Wikipedia and others

Working Overtime, Are You Kidding Me?


You know, life isn’t always about work.
And working saturday and sunday is not to be expected.
Using night for working? It’s for resting, pal!

And no, it’s not about money.
Certainly not!
It’s about well-being.
Something that is much more valuable and can’t be bought.
Free time, you can’t buy that with money.

No, it’s not about dedication.
It’s about feasibility of the management’s plan.
If it’s not possible, why do you have to force it by sacrificing people?

Sacrificing our well being for the sake of office? Why should we?
It’s the responsibility of a good organization to ensure the well-being of the employees.
Not the otherwise!
Sacrificing the well-being of the employees for the sake of organization’s ambition.
It’s totally against human rights!

And here I thought the slavery was over once this country gained its independence.
Apparently not!
It has a long way to go,
Till we can be happily living and working in our own country.


Anda tahu, hidup tidak melulu tentang pekerjaan.
Dan bekerja sabtu dan minggu tidak bisa dianggap suatu kewajaran.
Malam hari digunakan untuk bekerja? Itu untuk beristirahat, sobat!

Dan tidak, ini bukan soal uang.
Tentu bukan!
Ini tentang kesejahteraan.
Sesuatu yang jauh lebih berharga dan tidak bisa dibeli.
Waktu luang, Anda tidak bisa membelinya dengan uang.

Bukan pula ini tentang dedikasi.
Ini tentang kelayakan rencana dari manajemen.
Jika tidak memungkinkan, mengapa harus memaksakan dengan mengorbankan orang?

Mengorbankan kesejahteraan kita demi urusan kantor? Kenapa harus begitu?
Adalah tanggung jawab sebuah organisasi yang baik untuk menjamin kesejahteraan karyawan.
Bukan sebaliknya!
Mengorbankan kesejahteraan karyawan demi ambisi organisasi.
Ini benar-benar bertentangan dengan hak asasi manusia!

Dan disini saya berpikir bahwa perbudakan sudah berakhir ketika negara ini mendapatkan kemerdekaannya.
Ternyata tidak!
Perjalanan masih sangat panjang,
Menuju ke saat kita bisa bahagia hidup dan bekerja di negeri sendiri.


Disclaimer: Only picture is not mine, all right for the picture belongs to the original source.

Tindakan Kriminal di Facebook


Macam-macam saja tindak kriminal orang lewat facebook. Ada yang menghack facebook orang terus bilang minjem duit sama teman-temannya di facebook. Ada yang bikin akun tandingan dengan memanfaatkan akses ke facebook seseorang, mendownload foto-foto dari akun asli dan memuatnya ke akun palsu, lalu meng-add teman-temannya di facebook. Entah untuk tujuan apa. Ada juga aku denger ada yang posting tidak bagus seolah berasal dari yang punya facebook. Kenapa menyia-nyiakan waktu berbuat yang tidak baik seperti itu. Secara hukum itu tergolong kasus pidana: penipuan, pencemaran nama baik, dan perbuatan tidak menyenangkan. Ada ancaman hukumannya lho bagi perbuatan tersebut. Lebih jelasnya bisa dibaca disini:

Ancaman Pidana bagi Peretas (Hacker) Akun Facebook Orang Lain

Tindak pidana tersebut dapat diancam pidana berdasarkan Pasal 30 Undang-Undang Nomor 11 Tahun 2008 tentang Informasi dan Transaksi Elektronik, dengan hukuman penjara paling lama 8 (delapan) tahun dan/atau denda paling banyak 800 juta rupiah (Pasal 51 ayat 1 UU ITE). Atau dengan Pasal 35 UU ITE, dengan ancaman pidana penjara paling lama 12 (dua belas) tahun dan/atau denda paling banyak 12 miliar rupiah (Pasal 51 ayat 1 UU ITE).

Maka dari itu, waspadalah. Jika ada status atau pesan yang kira-kira mencurigakan. Misal orang tersebut biasanya tidak pernah berhutang (seperti saya), koq tiba-tiba mau minjem duit. Atau yang biasanya statusnya biasa-biasa saja dan sopan, tiba-tiba tidak senonoh, bisa jadi itu adalah tindakan kriminal dari para hacker. Apa diam saja? Cukup dengan buat facebook baru? Tentu tidak. Laporkan! Supaya tidak menimpa orang lain.

Ibaratnya facebook itu kan rumah online. Ada yang menerobos rumah Anda, mengklaim identitas Anda, lalu mengusir Anda dari rumah yang sudah Anda bangun, tentu patut Anda laporkan. Atau ada yang pura-pura jadi Anda lalu mencemarkan nama baik Anda, tentunya Orang tersebut perlu diberi pelajaran.

Jadi waspadalah dan tindak tegas!


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the original source.

Happy Women’s Day!

Nowadays, women have experienced better situations compared to the past.

Years ago, woman was denied her right to choose a spouse and have to agree on arranged marriage made by her parents. But now woman has freedom to choose and even to an arranged marriage, woman is asked for consent.

Women were not allowed education in previous era, but now they can enjoy education equally.

People used to say to women, what’s the use of pursuing high education, because eventually you will end up in the kitchen.

Although some people are still stuck in such belief but some already have open mind.

Many women have pursued higher education ignoring some people surrounding who sneered upon them.

Others made remarks saying women shouldn’t pursue higher education or better career in case they lose men’s interest as men tend to dislike women with education or career higher than them.

But cheers to the women who choose not to be bounded by that words and keep trying to reach their dreams.

Some women have jobs, help pay the bills, and still do household cores alone. Kudos to all those superwomen. But so glad now some good men have common sense that household cores should be done together between men and women.

Woman used to be told not to voice opinion with man in the household but now it is custom to share opinions together and become each others’ partner in discussion.

Rules that bound women are made by society and cultures, but nonetheless those rules are made by human. So such rules are not something definite because as human changes, the rule changes as well.

Hopefully, rules that disregard women’s values are continue to be erased. May women grow confidence and become happier as their values in the society grow higher each and every day.

Happy Women’s Day!

Disclaimer: Picture is from internet and not mine.

Don’t Judge and Generalize!



One of the things I dislike is when the society judge the quality of something greater by the value of something small.

For example, when a muslim does a crime, people say how could a muslim do that or even worse, judging Islam as the culprit behind his action or generalize that all muslims are subject of such crime.

While it is merely the fault of the person who could not control his behaviour, or does not apply what the religion teach him, or misinterpret things by his own accord.

Isn’t that the same as if you blame God for things done by humans?
I think it is inappropriate because humans themselves will face the consequences of his actions in the afterlife with Allah The Justice as The Judge.

That’s why don’t judge the book by its cover and don’t judge a person by his attributes.

Remember that each human has his own demon.
We are born good.
But we don’t stay good if we don’t work for it.
And people can change.
People don’t stay good or bad forever.



Disclaimer: Picture is from internet and not mine.