To Love


I have often talked about love, the concept and all that stuffs. I have also imagined so many times how it will be when I am in love. Although my actual experience of love is zero as I have never been in relationship before, but I believe I know a thing or two about love as I am a keen observer. I read, hear, watch stories about people in love and associate with their feelings as if I went through their lives already. Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? But it’s true.

As much as dreamy person I am, I am also a realist. I don’t really imagine love without flaw like a fairy tale. I know love needs efforts, from both sides involved. There isn’t any single person without flaw in this world, if that’s what you would call it, but I’d rather say it weakness. Every human has weaknesses and strength. Even the most perfect person you could ever recognize has his weakness, you just haven’t seen it yet, or blind yourself from seeing it. This is where love plays the part. Love can make you blind to see the weakness of someone you love. Or perhaps, rather to say, you see the weakness, you know it, but you just don’t care about it. That weakness is something you could tolerate. You just focus to see the good sides of the one you love. So in that sense, I believe there is this compatibility between two people meant to be in love.

We hear a lot about this love compatibility. If you are compatible with someone, you won’t consider that person’ weakness as something detrimental that could turn off your interest. So people could see it as something big and questioning why do you even love this person. But to you, because you love him/her, it doesn’t matter to you. That’s why I always think you should be true to yourself and be honest with your partner so he/she could see the real you and whether this love you both have for each other are meant to be.

When you are open with each other, you see each other’s scars of the past, you could sense whether you are meant for each other by how much acceptance you receive. Someone who is not willing to see your scars won’t be someone destined to love you so just let him/her run away. On the contrary, someone who is destined to love you will embrace you for who you are, scarred or anything. The burden you carry is the burden he/she is willing to share with you as much as his/her burden is something you could lighten. So one concept of love is to share the burden of each other and to become each other’s strength to withstand it all.

So here’s to Love!
May we all find someone to love.


An Affair is A Challenge to God


Marriage is a sacred relationship between a man and a woman under God’s Blessing.
Sitting on the day of the marriage, a man take a woman as his wife under a promise that he will treat her well.
That he will become her protector. In Islam, the vow in marriage is classified as miitsaaqan ghaliizhaa or a great, serious, and powerful covenant. A promise of marriage, its editorial shows the strong promise just like the promise that Allah took from the prophets. So we can feel how serious the promise of marriage is.

In that note, having an affair means you’re challenging God. Breaking the promise you made in front of God.
Are you confident you could win? When you live in this world under God’s Blessings.

Everything we do, God Knows.
People who are having an affair act as if no one knows their misconduct. But they forget that everything they do, God Knows. The angels are witnessing and writing everything they do. They feel safe thinking that the spouses don’t know but what about God, do you feel safe from God Knowing?

God Knows Everything.
Even every hidden feeling we have, God is Aware.
When you started to have feelings for the other person, not your spouse, God already Knows. You should have asked forgiveness to God at that time and stopping yourself to get any further than that.

Why are you not afraid of God?
While everything of us belongs to God.
We live in this world, nothing actually belongs to us. Our breath could be gone in a second. Body, soul, wealth, health, are all blessings from God that God Could Take any second. So stop thinking and behaving as if you don’t know all this, or as if you could live forever.

Respect yourself, respect others.
The happiness and thrill you got from an affair is short-lived. You are disrespecting yourself, your spouse, your partner in crime/affair, even your children and other families. Everybody wants happiness but it is something that should be worked out between each other. Running away from issues won’t solve anything.

This life is short.
Do your best to fill it with meanings and good things. It won’t be long till we must leave life.
And To God we shall all return.
Where we will be asked on all things we did in the living world.


Mengagungkan Allah SWT


Tiada satupun yang pantas diagung-agungkan melainkan Allah SWT.

Mengagungkan manusia pada akhirnya kecewa. Entah itu dikhianati, dilupakan, atau ditinggalkan (hidup ataupun mati).

Pernah dengar kan cerita orang yang sudah dibaikin malah menjahati?

Atau orang yang sudah pernah ditolong sama sekali ga ingat akan itu?

Tak ada yang kekal di dunia ini. Hubungan antar sesama manusia pun begitu.

Mengagungkan harta pada akhirnya pun celaka. Merasa tak pernah cukup, diperbudak oleh harta, masuk penjara karena korupsi, atau bersengketa demi harta.

Begitu pula halnya dengan tahta. Merasa was-was jabatannya direbut, atau sikut kiri sikut kanan demi mendapat jabatan, sogok uang tak kira-kira demi dapat posisi, untuk kemudian menderita post power syndrome saat jabatan tak lagi dikuasai.

Pada akhirnya, tak ada satupun di dunia ini yang pantas untuk dipuja-puja.

Kita semua akan kembali kepada Allah SWT tanpa membawa apapun.


Just a Simple Greeting of Hello


Once in Netherlands, I was surprised when people just say Hello to each other and nothing else. I was confused at first on why they don’t prolong the conversation.
But then I realized, saying just “Hello” is enough for caring and is stopping them to interfere. It’s the epitome of simple greetings and at the same time drawing the line: your business is your business, I’m not going to interfere.


Imagine if you’re in Indonesia, upon meeting, you are asked or told,
Where are you going,
What are you going to do,
Where do you live,
Are you single or married,
How old are you,
Why are you still unmarried,
Don’t do this, don’t do that.
You should better be like this, and you shouldn’t be like that.


There’s something we can learn on western’s ways of socializing.
There they don’t care so much about other people’s business, so there won’t be much fuss about issues of other people, or judging and pricking.
Therefore, social media is not filled with hatred here and there, commenting about other people’s issues.
They focus on themselves, so they are busy improving themselves, not busy interfering others.


Disclaimer: Only picture is not mine, all right for the picture belongs to the original source.

Beautiful The Way You Are

People always found something to be displeased of the other person.

Even when that person looks nice, awesome, nearly perfect (no one is perfect anyway), or whatever,

they will found one thing or another to mock.

But it’s not what they say of you that really matters, it’s what you think of yourself.

When you let what they say gets to you, brings you down, and shatters your pride or self-esteem,

that’s when you ruin.

Because you let them control and empower you and define who you are.

So always remind yourself each and every day that you are a valuable human being no matter what they say.

~~~Here insert Christina Aguilera song “Beautiful”~~~

We are beautiful no matter what they say
yes, words won’t bring us down, no, no
we are beautiful in every single way
Yes, words can’t bring us down, oh, no
so don’t you bring me down today


People have eyes look at the front but not eyes facing deep inside, that’s why they’re so busy criticizing others

but they rarely see a thing in them.

Disclaimer: only the picture is not mine, all rights to the original owner.


Your Job Does not Determine Your Value

I met a woman on a train in the Netherlands two or three years ago, she’s Indonesian, a freelance writer, and traveling solo to Europe using her savings from her book royalty. I thought to myself at that time, Wow, that’s amazing! But then, there was an insecurity when she spoke about her job, comparing herself to me when I said I am a government employee. I assured her that she should be proud of herself, not the otherwise, and that no job is better or worse than others.

A similar case happened long before that, back when I met my high school’s friend just a few years after I started working. She mentioned that she did business after graduating, but discredited herself and thought that she’s not as good as someone who has a settle job. I said why would she think so. The fact that she managed a business is something not everyone could do.

On the opposite note, a friend told me that she met one of our school’s friend who had become successful as an officer but acted like a snob. Not that I fully believed her since I didn’t meet that friend directly to know better. But no matter what, I believe:
Being an officer or employee is not something so great that someone should feel they’re better than anyone else, and on the contrary, not being an employee is not something someone should feel ashamed of.

Perhaps it is the society’s judgement who put someone down just because he/she isn’t entitled to a certain job. But why should we be conquered by such ridiculous judgement?

That kind of judgement is one of the reasons people push their children to work as employees and even willing to do whatever it takes to make their children get accepted to some offices.

People go crazy over status and money and don’t realize such things are futile and never something to decide a human’s value.

As for me, even though you’re a king, a president, a billionaire, a superstar, you are not higher than me, and I am not less than you. I don’t care what the society says. Because I believe everyone is equal.


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

Appreciate Different Personalities

I think God Created people with different personalities that suited them the best.
Every one of us was brought up differently, faces different obstacles, with different worries, and have different things we consider important or could make us happy.
Did you ever wonder if you have different personality, what would your life be at the moment? Would it be better? Worse?

There were times that I regretted having personality like mine, and thought that things would be great or easier if I could be like the person A, B, C, or D.
But then, I have come to realize, that I could handle my kind of personality the best, and I feel comfortable in my own skin.
That no matter what, I’ve come this far because I am who I am.

Honestly, I, never force people to understand how I live my life. And I never expect them to live like me. I also don’t push people to cater to my needs. So I don’t go very well with people telling me what to do, that this is wrong, they are right, and so on.

Let’s just live our lives differently and still be good to each other.
Don’t force each other to be similar with ourselves.
Don’t get angry to see someone who doesn’t live like how you live your life.
Let’s be civil and understanding.
Let’s be friends.