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Vivid Imagination 23/10/2016

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I have a vivid imagination. It is different from what they called photographic or Eidetic memory which the very existence is still debatable.

The thing is that when I read something or hear a story from someone, I can picture it so clearly on my mind as if I’m watching a movie.

Since I was born with it, I thought everyone has this kind of ability, but only some do. Maybe it has a relation with some type of personality, I don’t really know.

I read a Harry Potter novel once, and it’s the same for me as if I create the movie on my mind. It took me three days to finished reading the novel. Then when I watch the real Harry Potter movie, I thought to myself while watching the movie that some scenes in the movie are different from what I pictured them before. That’s why I don’t really like reading novel, because it requires so much works as so many thoughts and moving pictures running through my mind. I’d just rather watch the movie directly rather than reading the novel first.

When my friend tells me a story and I hear it attentively, my mind’s almost immediately processing it into a moving picture or video. The details of the story determines how clear I picture it on my mind. There was a case where I asked my friend too many questions to get the details and upset her. I was sorry, but I did it unknowingly. Perhaps I wanted to have a clear picture of it, or there was something not quite match so I couldn’t picture it correctly that it bothered me. But after that experience, I remind myself not to go into details when someone tells me something and just listen to it as it is.

Sometimes there is also an incident where I confuse my memory of something told to me by my friends as my memory of actually experiencing it together with them, which then I realize after a thinking, that I didn’t actually experience it but it is just a graphic memory of what’s told to me before.

Then there is this thing about the time when I went to study abroad for a year which has become a precious memory of mine. Few months afterwards until approximately a year, I still daydream about it. Because I still miss those moments, I sometimes liked to go through my memory of certain place at certain time and relive it again. Imagining I’m walking through the streets I used to walk, shopping through the market, or supermarket was a fun thing to do to reminiscence. It’s a vivid imagination and I don’t need to close my eyes to go back through it.

But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. As my memory begins to fade, I could no longer go through my precious memory. It goes also for the story told to me or the novel I pictured into a movie. I forget about them as time goes on.

When I took some tests or quizzes, I’m often described by 50:50 audio:visual, not that I blindly believe on that test, or whether it has any relation to this, but same as visual, thing applies to me as well for auditory imagination. When I think of a song, the song plays in my head naturally as if I press the play button in my mind. And if I want, sometimes it plays as a music video. That of course depends on how long my memory goes as well, it could not be determined for sure, sometimes some music or music videos stay with me for long, sometimes I soon forget about them.

This is also a reason why I need a silent surroundings when I want to learn something or prepare for a test. Sounds like music interrupted me so much because I could remember them more easily than any other. Once during my college year, I prepared a test by memorizing lesson in my room but my landlady was turning a Hindi music so loud. The next day at the test, the songs played in my mind from the start until the album finished and I could barely remember any of the lesson I tried to memorize before. Well, I pretty much did terribly at that test. But how could I blame my landlady for this. It was all because of me and this nature of mine.

I don’t really define this vivid imagination as a good nature or a bad one. It just comes with some benefits and loss or just like someone said it is both a blessing and a curse.


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Kim Poong – Fishing Stew

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Winning Recipe 2 of E94

Note: To make it as Halal meal, eliminate pork and use different ingredient such as beef or chicken.


Jung Ho Young – Grandfather Gentle Roll

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Winning Recipe 1 of E94

Note: To make it as Halal meal, use different sauce without wine (alchohol).


What Goes Around Comes Around 22/10/2016

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The concept what goes around comes around is indeed happening.

It’s just that for me, I breathe around it.

I know I’ve said this before, but since I was a child, every time I made a mistake, the payback always happened not long after.

I never usually cheated on a test, but once I tried to cheat on one test in elementary school grade 4, I got caught and apologized to my teacher.
Whenever I’m late coming to school during my middle school, I could never avoid the punishment picking up the garbage (while some of my friends manage to avoid it).
I tried to scheme something once to avoid a penalty in a library, but I got caught anyway, paid the penalty, and apologized.
Once I lied to my aunt because I hate doing this one thing that she ask a favor frequently, but got caught and scolded then apologized to her.
I hardly ever skip school or lesson, but I did it once (to go somewhere with my friends) and I got caught and scolded (while my friends who were with me got off just fine), I apologized and was so embarrassed and sad because of it.

All these my first try of bad demeanor, always fail and makes me suffer embarrassment and apologize for it.
That’s why I never bother to do it again. If I do bad things, I’m always ready to face the consequences.
I never avoid apologizing. I always apologize when I make a mistake because that’s what my mom taught me: Principal of Sorry, Thank You, and Please. It’s just that this lesson made my conviction stronger that I should never bother to avoid the punishment. Or even better, I should never do that mistake again (for some things that’s in my power).

So I never bother to cheat on test and just accept my score as it is.
If I’m late, I would just accept the consequences, whether it’s the scolding or the pay cut.
I returned books I borrowed on time or just pay how much the penalty when I returned them late.
And I would just say no when I don’t like to do a favor people ask of me.

And also it goes to say, when something bad happens to me, I always think of “whether there was something bad I did recently?” That kind of mindset.

Now that makes me think, my life sucks lately, could it be that “all this while”, I am in the middle of paying the consequences of all the things that I did wrong before.
Well, maybe this is all my fault.


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Sincerity in Relationship 21/10/2016

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I, know, am still lacking in human to human relationship. Being good friends, families, colleagues, perhaps so many people are doing it better than me.
But I, believe, I treat people with sincerity. I never use them or exploit them to fulfill my need. I have a big pride and my pride just won’t let me do that. Being independent for quite a long time and my nature of being so reluctant to ask for help, have helped me minimize or avoid using people.
All these times, I have suffered a lot through many relationships-turned-sour with friends, families, or colleagues.
But I, never the one to abandon people before they abandon me first.
Sometimes people choose money, greed, ego, thought, judgement, and necessities over me, and don’t care how much hurt or harm they inflict on me.
But I, no matter how much hatred on them I used to keep, or then decided to let go, won’t inflict harms on those who have hurt me.
I simply just walk away, after partly blaming myself, questioning why did I experience such a thing again, and shutting another part of my heart so I would hurt less in the future.
That’s how I survive, being a sensitive person in the middle of a society which sometimes lacks in terms of sensitivity.
That’s how I end up being slow to warm up to people.
But I, do have few people whom I feel close to and trust.
The ones I hold dear in my heart.
And I, appreciate sincerity more than anything else because it is the only thing that could touch my heart.

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Korean Variety Shows 20/10/2016

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This is a list of variety shows that I have seen some or all the episodes. Click the name of the variety show to see the description on Wikipedia and click [watch] to go to website that host some or all the episodes to watch with English subtitle. As for me, I’d rather not watch if there is no English subtitle because it’s not that fun if I don’t understand what they said. So I’m not going to share the links of websites with RAW videos.

[In the middle of adding the variety shows and the links]

GOM – Making The Artist [watch]

JTBC – Abnormal Summit [watch]

JTBC – Crime Scene [watch]

JTBC – High Society [watch]

JTBC – Please Take Care of My Refrigerator [watch]

JTBC – Shinhwa Broadcast [watch]

JTBC – Two Yoo Project: Sugar Man [watch]

KBS Drama – Miracle Show [watch]

KBS World – Battle Trip [watch]

KBS World – Cool Kiz On The Block [watch]

KBS World – Entertainment Weekly [watch]

KBS World – Hello Baby [watch]

KBS World – Hello Counselor [watch]

KBS World – I am a Man [watch]

KBS World – Invisible Man [watch]

KBS World – Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 [watch]

KBS World – Quiz Expedition [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 1 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 2 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 3 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 VS 100 [watch]

KBS2 – A Song for You [watch]

KBS2 – Birth of a Family [watch]

KBS2 – Exciting India [watch]

KBS2 – Gag Concert [watch]

KBS2 – Game Show Unbelievable Challenge [watch]

KBS2 – Happy Together [watch]

KBS2 – I Have An Uncle [watch]

KBS2 – Immortal Song 2 [watch]

KBS2 – Invincible Youth [watch]

KBS2 – Sang Sang Plus [watch]

KBS2 – Song Battle [watch]

KBS2 – Star Golden Bell [watch]

KBS2 – Win Win [watch]

KBS2 – You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook [watch]

KM – Idol World [watch]

MBC – Come To Play [watch]

MBC – Golden Fishery [watch]

MBC – I Live Alone [watch]

MBC – Idol Star Athletics Championship [watch]

MBC – Infinity Challenge [watch]

MBC – Introducing Star’s Friends Survival [watch]

MBC – King of Masked Singer [watch]

MBC – Let’s Sleep Here Tonight [watch]

MBC – Love Survival Show [watch]

MBC – Nodaji [watch]

MBC – Radio Star [watch]

MBC – Real Men [watch]

MBC – Star Dance Battle [watch]

MBC – We Got Married [watch]

MBC Every1 – EXO Showtime [watch]

MBC Every1 – Family Needed [watch]

MBC Every1 – Flower Boy Generation [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 1 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 2 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 3 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 5 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Infinite Showtime [watch]

MBC Every1 – Infinity Girls [watch]

MBC Every1 – The Teacher Is Coming [watch]

MBC Every1 – Weekly Idol [watch]

Mnet – 4 Things Show [watch]

Mnet – Art of Seduction [watch]

Mnet – Beatles Code [watch]

Mnet – Dancing 9 [watch]

Mnet – Dartstrike [watch]

Mnet – Heart a Tag [watch]

Mnet – Hot Blood [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 1 [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 2 [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 3 [watch]

Mnet – It’s Time [watch]

Mnet – Produce 101 [watch]

Mnet – Ranking King [watch]

Mnet – Scandal [watch]

Mnet – Sesame Player [watch]

Mnet – Show Me The Money [watch]

Mnet – Star VJ Show [watch]

Mnet – Super Idol Chart Show [watch]

Mnet – Super Junior Mini Drama [watch]

Mnet – Superstar K [watch]

Mnet – The Romantic & Idol [watch]

Mnet – This is Infinite [watch]

Mnet – Unpretty Rapstar [watch]

Mnet – Welcome To Wonderland [watch]

Mnet – Wild Bunny [watch]

Mnet – You Are My Oppa [watch]

Mnet – You Can Fly [watch]

SBS – 2PM Show! [watch]

SBS – Barefoot Friends [watch]

SBS – Exploration of Human Body [watch]

SBS – Family Outing Season 1 [watch]

SBS – Healing Camp [watch]

SBS – Heroes [watch]

SBS – Intimate Note [watch]

SBS – Love Letter [watch]

SBS – Quiz of Sixth Sense [watch]

SBS – Running Man [watch]

SBS – Star King [watch]

SBS – Strong Heart [watch]

SBS – X-Man [watch]

SBS – Ya Shim Man Man [watch]

TvN – Grandpas Over Flowers [watch]

TvN – Saturday Night Live Korea [watch]

TvN – Taxi [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Rules of The Game (Season 1) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Rule Breaker (Season 2) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Black Garnet (Season 3) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Grand Final (Season 4) [watch]

TvN – Three Meals a Day [watch]

I love Korean Variety Shows because they are very entertaining. Some made me laugh out loud to see the casts’ behaviors. The concepts are varied: talk show, game show, cooking show, or performance (dance, music, or gag).

One thing that I admire from them is how the people work so hard to show the best.



Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Episode 16 SBS Korea Scene Omitted from International Version 19/10/2016


Credit: all rights to the original owner.


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