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Happy Karaoke Time 28/10/2017


Sometimes I go to karaoke, singing some songs that I like. I listed here some songs (156 songs) that I sang in karaoke before. I usually go to Karaoke room alone or with some female friends. I love to sing but in Islam, our religion, female are not allowed to sing in front of male counterparts, so I don’t sing in public. Even in a karaoke room (it is soundproof, isn’t it?), I am wary of them so when a male employee came to check on us whether we want additional hour, I stopped singing until he came out of the room.

I prefer to go to some karaoke places which have a score display after we sang the song. Even though the score is not really accurate, and we don’t understand how the scoring is done, but it still creates curiosity for me to know what score I will get after singing.


   List of the songs

2PM – Again and Again → 80

2PM – Heartbeat → 95

2PM – I Hate You → 99

Aaliyah – Try Again → 78

Adele – Rolling in the Deep → 97

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain → 81

Adele – Someone Like You → 84

Afterschool – Flashback → 84

Agnes Monica – Teruskanlah → 82

Ailee – Heaven → 98

Ailee – I Will Go to You Like the First Snow → 97

AKMU – Be With You → 89

Alicia Keys – If I ain’t Got You → 80

Amy Winehouse – Rehab → 84

Angela Zhang – Journey → 95

Avril Lavigne – Complicated → 83

Avril Lavigne – I’m With You → 85

Avril Lavigne – Skater Boy → 80

Baek Ah Yeon – A Lot Like Love → 91

Baek Ji Young – That Woman → 95

Barbie Hsu & Vic Zhu – Rang Wo Ai Ni → 91

Big Bang – Fantastic Baby → 78

Big Bang – Number One → 90

BoA – Eat You Up [X]

BoA – Hurricane Venus → 76

Britney Spears – Circus → 86

Britney Spears – Everytime → 91

Britney Spears – Lucky → 84

Britney Spears – Overprotected → 99

Britney Spears – Toxic → 80

Britney Spears – Womanizer → 94

Bryan Adams & Barbara Streisand – I Finally Found Someone → 84

Bunga Citra Lestari – Kecewa → 88

Bunga Citra Lestari – Pernah Muda → 95

Bunga Citra Lestari – Tentang Kamu → 98

Celine Dion – All By Myself → 79

Celine Dion – Goodbye’s The Saddest Word → 92

Celine Dion – I’m Your Angel → 91

Celine Dion – Immortality → 82

Celine Dion – Lets Talk About Love → 84

Celine Dion – That’s The Way It Is → 97

Celine Dion – To Love You More → 84

Celine Dion & Clive Griffin – When I Fall in Love → 86

Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin – For You → 85

Christina Aguilera – Beautiful → 87

Christina Aguilera – Genie in a Bottle → 90

Christina Aguilera – Reflection → 86

Coco Lee – Before I Fall in Love → 80

Craig David – Don’t Love You No More → 83

Craig David – Unbelievable → 80

DBSK – Love in The Ice → 96

DBSK – Mirotic → 94

Demi Lovato – Let It Go → 82

Destinys’ Child – Emotion → 85

Destinys’ Child – Stand Up For Love → 95

Destinys’ Child – Survivor → 91

Dewi Lestari – Malaikat Juga Tahu → 84

Duffy – Mercy → 84

Epic High feat Lee HI – Can You Hear My Heart → 84

Faith Hill – There You’ll Be → 78

Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry → 89

G-Dragon – Heartbreaker → 95

Geisha – Jika Cinta Dia → 83

Girls’ Generation – Gee → 95

Girls’ Generation – Genie → 87

Girls’ Generation – Hoot → 96

Girls’ Generation – Oh! → 95

Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run → 90

Girls’ Generation – The Boys [English Version] → 78

Heize – Round and Round → 85

Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore – Way Back into Love → 94

Hyorin – Crazy for You → 97

Hyuna & Hyunsaeng – Trouble Maker → 83

Infinite – 24 Hours → 75

Infinite – Amazing → 78

Infinite – Back → 84

Infinite – Be Mine → 95

Infinite – Before The Dawn → 99

Infinite – Can You Smile → 80

Infinite – Destiny → 81

Infinite – Last Romeo → 91

Infinite – Love Letter → 85

Infinite – Man In Love → 80

Infinite – Paradise → 93

Infinite – She’s Back → 98

Infinite – The Chaser [X]

Irene Cara – Fame → 84

IU – Good Day → 95

Jason Mraz – I’m Yours → 94

Jazmine Sullivan – Bust Your Windows → 94

Jennifer Lopez – Jenny From the Block → 86

Joy Enriquez – How Can I Not Love You → 86

JYJ – Found You → 84

Katy Perry – Firework → 91

Kelly Clarkson – Because of You → 97

Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway → 97

Kim Jaejoong – I’ll Protect You → 94

Kim Jaejoong – Just Another Girl → 90

Kim Jaejoong – Mine → 73

Kim Jaejoong – One Kiss → 81

Kim Sunggyu – I Need You → 95

Kim Sunggyu – Only Tears → 97

Lady Gaga – Just Dance → 86

Lea Salonga & Brad Kane – We Could Be In Love → 86

LeAnn Rimes – Can’t Fight The Moonlight → 96

Lee HI – My Love → 96

Lindsay Lohan – Rumor → 98

Lyn – My Destiny → 93

M2M – Mirror Mirror → 84

M2M – Pretty Boy → 84

Madonna – Music → 80

Mariah Carey – Against All Odds → 96

Mariah Carey – Hero → 97

Mariah Carey – My All → 85

Mariah Carey – Obsessed → 86

Mariah Carey – Through The Rain → 93

Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston – When You Believe → 80

Martina McBride – My Valentine → 79

Michael Jackson – Heal The World → 78

Miley Cyrus – The Climb → 94

Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl → 97

Miss A – Breathe → 92

Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man → 87

Miss A – Touch → 87

Natalie Imbruglia – Torn → 100

Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle – A Whole New World → 94

Pixie Lott – Mama Do → 93

Rihanna – Don’t Stop the Music → 93

Rihanna – Take a Bow → 80

Rob Thomas – Lonely No More → 98

Robbie Williams & Nicole Kidman – Something Stupid → 90

Remioromen – Konayuki → 83

Secret – Poison → 85

Secret – Shy Boy → 96

Shania Twain – Don’t Be Stupid → 86

Shania Twain – Man! I Feel Like A Woman! → 89

Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much → 96

Sherina – Cinta Pertama dan Terakhir → 99

SHINee – Ring Ding Dong → 85

Sia – Chandelier → 97

Sistar – Alone → 97

Soyou – I Miss You → 80

Spice Girls – Goodbye → 94

Super Junior – Bonamana → 97

Taeyeon – All With You → 99

Taeyeon – If → 95

T-ara – Bo Beep Bo Peep → 95

Tatu – All The Things She Said → 87

Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me → 87

The Corrs – Breathless → 91

The Corrs – Only in My Sleep → 86

The Corrs – Radio → 93

The Pussycat Dolls – Stick With You → 77

The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You → 80

The Virgin – Cinta Terlarang → 90

Tiffany – Because It’s You → 91

Tiger JK & Jinsil – Reset → 80

Tony Braxton – Unbreak My Heart → 88

Utada Hikaru – First Love → 91

Vicky Chao – Qin Shen Shen Yun Meng Meng → 78

Whitney Houston – I Have Nothing → 96


Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the original source.


My Personality Profile 18/09/2017

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Entrepreneurial and progressive, you are ever-striving, heading for the top, and enjoying an enterprising, ambitious and determined personality to do things well, and an unyielding dedication to your plan until the goals are achieved.
You bounce back easily from setbacks and can overcome any adversities or obstacles thrown in your way.
You make a good performer, but at the same time she can be quite intense and serious.
Your artistic talent is emphasized in the performing arts where sensitivity and understanding for people and situations is called for.
You can easily gain high respect in the community, being understanding of the views of others, and you often tend to achieve your goals.
When balanced, you are compassionate and emotionally secure. You are also a natural healer, with leadership qualities and the ability to genuinely empathize. You also radiate love and spiritual happiness to those around you.
By becoming aware of your emotions, you can gain control over them rather than have your emotions control your life. And the reward is great because then you show vast depth of understanding while keeping your emotions checked.
You were born with extra-ordinary drive and determination. You are a born leader. You insist on your right to make up your own mind; you demands freedom of thought and action, and do not let anything or anyone stand in your way once you are committed to your goal.
You assume the responsibility to be the protector and provider for those you love. You demand respect and attention and become irritated and even domineering when important things do not go your way.
You are exceptionally creative and original and possess a touch of the unusual. Your approach to problems is unique and you have the courage to wander from the beaten path or the traditional templates of thoughts and deeds. You can be impatient with your shortcomings and those of others.
Sometimes you are concerned with your status and foster the appearance of success and self-satisfaction. The need to appear well off propels you to strive for growth, success and the finer things of life.
You perform best when you left to your own devices. Ideally you should own your own business and be your own boss. You should hold fast to your life’s dream and work with the determination you possess to realize it. You can become overly stressed by your driven nature. You need to be careful about the food you eat and maintain an exercise program you enjoy. Competition sports are often a healthy outlet for a person with your drive, particularly sports involving running and swimming.
More often than not a person like you will achieve much in life as long as the drive, creativity, originality and pioneering spirit are fully employed!
You are highly intuitive and creative. Your mind think in pictures. You seem to draw information and ideas from out of the sky.
Your intuition is your gift, along with a powerful drive to know the Oneness of all things. You are so driven by spiritual pursuits that no matter what you do in life, the world of spirit and philosophy will be central to your daily behavior. You feel linked with the larger universal forces, and nothing will change that.
You have a fine mind and keen insights, but these do not come as a result of logic or rational thought. You are more likely to direct your life by inspiration, rather than by calculated reflections.
On some level, you know that you are in the hands of destiny, and that you must surrender to the higher powers that shape your life. You are usually a late bloomer. Your early and middle 30s tend to be years spent in apprenticeship and slow development. During this period, you can become frustrated with your progress, or the apparent lack of it.
You need to develop faith. You are a highly charged person with much to do, but you must develop character and sound judgment before you begin to tap your true potential. Just as a tree needs roots to grow tall, so need you to develop depth of character in order to begin to expand in the ways you desire and ultimately envision.
Your highly developed intuition makes you a wonderful counselor, healer, or health practitioner. You have a gift for inspiring people. Many people admire you without you knowing it. You are a visionary, and others sense your wisdom.
You are acutely sensitive and easily influenced by your surroundings. You love beauty and harmony. You also crave social interaction and much attention. You can be very emotional, often experiencing extremes of happiness and sadness. You are usually too easily hurt. You also get depressed easily and feel the lack of confidence during times you are in a dark mood.
Despite your sensitivity, you possess leadership abilities. You are modest, diplomatic and polite. You have also the ability to persuade, and can be quite forceful.
Your high sensitivity to others makes you compassionate, kind, and gentle. You have an opportunity for fame and success as long as you do not pursue either as your gods. You need to look for ways to help others and convey a larger message, with which you were blessed. This will bring you the material and social fruits you desire.
You are a free spirit. You love change, adventure, and excitement. You love your freedom. Like a bird that needs its wings to live, you cannot exist without it. Freedom is the nucleus around which your life revolves. You need it for your very survival. By using freedom properly, you are able to explore and develop all of your varied talents. You will meet many types of people and travel great distances. Freedom is the atmosphere necessary for you to bring forth your many talents.
You are capable of doing almost anything, and probably quite well. Only by avoiding the imprisonment of illusory security are you able to bring forth your abilities.
You are unusually adaptable. In fact, change is a blessing for you. In the same way, you needs challenge and variety. You hate the routine of life; being stuck is a catastrophe for you. You become miserable when you are held back or held down.
The taste and texture and color of life have an overpowering allure for you. From childhood, you dream of seeing foreign lands, experiencing the sensual and the exotic. You want to try everything at least once in life. All of life is a playground for your senses.
But this can get you into trouble. You may fail to respect your natural limits, either biologically or socially. Any sort of boundary is anathema to you, which can blind you to your natural limits.
You are gifted in your ability to communicate. Your facility with words is almost limitless. You can be a salesman, politician, lawyer, public relations person, and minister. You also possess the talent to share and advance new ideas. You are talented with your hands. You love the new and untried. Your field is the frontier. You are a bit of a gambler, and often plays for very high stakes. All of this combines to give you a youthful enthusiasm, which others find infectious and attractive.
You like to work with others, but needs to perform your task un-encumbered by the restraints of others.
You are a clever and a quick thinker, but your thought processes – like your life in general – can be unorganized and scattered. You must stay grounded and focused if you want to be successful.
Self-discipline and setting healthy limits is the key to your success in virtually every area of your life. Ironically, you will find that as you learn to set appropriate limits on yourself, you will develop more self-mastery and realize even greater freedom.
This is especially true when it comes to finishing what you start. Your tendency is to give up once you have got a project or job under control because you grow bored quickly. You start to fantasize about a new challenge, or the rewards of your great accomplishment, long before the work is finished.
You desire the whole world. You are aware that you have many talents that can bring much success. But that success depends on your willingness to choose certain areas to concentrate on, and to bring them to perfection.
You want peace and harmony in all aspects of your life. You want to devote your life to someone or something. You fall in love easily. You are extremely sensitive and emotional. You can be sentimental and you cry at sad stories. You need friends and society.
You appreciate the refinements of life. You desire comfort and security. You have also refined taste, and can be a connoisseur. You love music and possess a good deal of musical talent.
Your sensitivity is actually a symptom of your highly developed intuition, but you must learn to trust it. You are a gentle soul and you shy away from confrontation as long as possible. You experience a battle within when you do not believe you can handle a situation; this may have a paralyzing effect on you.
Sometimes you prefer to give in when you should assert yourself. You must learn to be more decisive. Very often, you are afraid to use your own power in the face of someone else’s aggressiveness. You incorrectly perceive yourself to be in a weaker position; You may ultimately give in merely to avoid a fight.
Conversely, you are extremely diplomatic and tactful. You like to accomplish things through quiet persuasion. You dislike force.
At times, you have to fight uncertainty and doubt. You need to develop confidence and a willingness to stand up for what you believes to be right.
You need to feel in command of important undertakings, and resists supportive roles. You seek the forefront and the limelight.
In contrast, you can also function best in a supportive role, guiding the more public person in quiet, unobtrusive, yet essential ways.
You appear strong and powerful. You have an impressive personality and can influence and even intimidate through sheer force. You have natural authority. Your competence and enthusiasm attract people with resources.
You radiate confidence. People defer to you because they sense your sureness and effectiveness. You also exudes a kind of controlled benevolence. People sense that you are generous, once you are convinced of the worthiness of the cause.
It is important for you to dress well. You radiate a kind of raw power and able-ness, which needs to be refined and enhanced by your clothing. You may even dress a bit flashy, because that will not harm you. Quality is among your highest priorities, and should reflect in your clothing.
You can be prone to indigestion, ulcers, and heart disease due to your reckless eating and your propensity to be workaholics.
Your Achilles heel is your capacity for an egocentric attitude. The negative side of your personality can cause you to be ruthless, greedy, and intensely lonely.
Conversely, you can be spontaneous and excited. You are essentially warm and jovial. In your heart of hearts, you want everyone to be as excited and as happy as you. Those who are around you often sense this, and your coworkers and other employees usually like you.
Throughout your life you will be concerned with the welfare of others. You will make your home the focus of your life, and fill your world with as much beauty as possible. In your later years you will find yourself surrounded by friends and family. This will ensure your joy and contentment.
As you mature, you will become increasingly concerned with the well-being of family, friends, and community. You will be drawn to the role as healer, counselor, and teacher – due to your growing ability to give comfort and sound advice to those in need.
You naturally assume the role of patriarch or matriarch of those in your care, no matter how old they are. You become more responsible and protective, and you may well become involved in environmental protection, volunteer work or politics.
You are naturally idealistic and strive to realize those ideals as you grow in maturity and in personal resources.
Your careful and balanced approach to business and financial matters provide you with sound and secure success later in life.
This provides an outstanding financial foundation for the future.
In addition, this promises an old age surrounded by loved ones. You could eventually have the close relationships that you have strived for most of your life.
Facing some issues, you retreat into some safe haven within yourself and hope you will not have to deal with the issue at hand. Yet, the clarity and analytical abilities of your mind are sufficient to provide you with insight into the problem, and a clear path to its solution.
You have to work at confronting yourself and the issues you face unemotionally and calmly. You can be engulfed in the emotional aspects of the issue, which clouds your mind and prevent you from using your clarity to find an answer.
But once you get past the emotion you will find an answer by yourself.
You will have luck in matters involving risk and new ventures. It will shine for you in times of change and even chaos and upheaval.
You will also have an edge when connected to matters of romance.
Disclaimer: all rights reserved to the sources.


DBSK – Love in the Ice (Japanese Version) with English Lyrics 05/09/2017

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Love in The Ice (Japanese Version) English Meaning



It’s not your fault those hands are cold
Clinging onto the wounds of the past
Afraid to love someone
Turning your back against
The true meaning of the story

The heart that is hugged
Slowly melts
Like Ice

To be loved by someone
By anyone
It makes life shine
Like this
If it was me
I would make your heart once again
Warm with undying love

Fate’s play
Even though it makes
Your heart ache
When the tears end
A ray of light
Descends from the darkness
We can grasp it

We can feel
The fierce painful touch
Of a person’s warmth

Sorrow and loneliness
That every person endures
Searching for
A refuge to mend
Yes, for you that place is here
Don’t worry, don’t falter anymore
I will protect you

Because it is a love
(My love)
As beautiful
As it is miserable
(Don’t be afraid)
This beautiful
(Let you know my mind)
Beautiful time
(You know)
It’s ephemeral
(Let you know my love)

To be loved by someone
By anyone
It makes life shine
Like this
If it was me
I would make your heart once again
Warm with undying love


Seo Seo Galbi, Jakarta 23/06/2017

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Address: Ruko Crown Golf blok A no 31, RT6/RW2, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Kamal Muara, RT.6/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Penjaringan, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14460, Indonesia
What I ordered : Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap, Mango Juice
I came here first asking whether the meals served is halal and one of the waitress said that beef and soups here are halal but pork is not. I usually not eat unless they have halal written on the menue but I decided to trust her and eat here. Bismillah. She showed me where to sit and give the menu.

I wanted to try Korean BBQ but thinking how big the portion will be and whether I have to grill it myself and kinda worried how the taste will become if I cook it myself (like I see Koreans in TV) so I decided to taste something ready cooked and ordered Dol Sot Bi Bim Bab. I didn’t know that the waitress grilled the BBQ for us, I should’ve tried the BBQ then.

What I like here is that they put a bottle of cold ocha (taste like a light tea) for free so I can refill as much as I want (I drink water a lot). Then they put 6 different banchan (side dishes) for free: panjeon (vegetable pancake), sweet potatoes, kimchi, salted cucumber, pickled raddish, and one green vegetable (I don’t know what it is called). I like panjeon the most.

I really appreciated they told me when to break my fasting as there is no adzan in PIK. And I can hear the lady told them to give me banchan fast so I can eat it first while waiting for my order.

Not long after (the service is quite fast), the mango juice and Bi Bim Bab came. And miyuku soup (Sup rumput laut in indonesian) as a complementary dish (A birthday here would be great). They give the sauce to mix with Bibimbap separately. It was served on stoned pot so it was sizzling hot for quite a while. I like it because if not, usually the meal would cool off fast and if we take a while to eat, we end up eating cold dish. Overall the taste is quite fine. At the end they give an ice cream as dessert (free again).

As the entertainment they have SBS live on TV broadcasting the kpop music performances.

For the generousity, service, and price I give it 5 stars. This is the most generous restaurant I ever been. And value for money is excellent.


For the taste I give it 4 stars. There is room for improvement.

My first suggestion would be to put a logo of halal in certain dishes which are really halal (whether the beef which is imported is really halal is questionable for me). I know pork is not halal but other dishes could be not halal if they are cooked with the same pan used to cook pork. If logo halal is written, it could gave muslim guests a peace of mind. As the largest community in Indonesia, it would be great to target the muslim consumers also especially because the hallyu wave is spreading much.

Secondly, it also would be great if this place could accomodate single guest. For example by making small portion choice on each of the menu. Even Bibimbap portion is too big for me (I forced myself to eat more but ended up too full to finish the meal). I would also want to try the Beef BBQ if there is small portion (but then again am worried about halal as the grilled pan is the same for pork).

Overall, I had a good time here.


Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, from various sources on the internet, all rights to websites or the uploaders.


HomieStay, Jakarta 03/06/2017

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Address: Town House Cordoba no 16. Bukit Golf Mediterania. Pantai Indah Kapuk, RT.7/RW.2, Kamal Muara, Jakarta, Kota Jkt Utara, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14470
Type of room I stayed in : Bed in 4-Bed Female Dormitory Room
What it had :
Bed Room:
Air Conditioning
Linens Provided
Blanket/Bed Cover
Small Lamp
Two Electric Socket
Two Pillows
Common Room:
Dining Seats (10)
Internet Access
Living Room Seats (10)
Shower Rooms (1) Shared
Towels Provided (with additional price 10000 IDR + deposit 50000 IDR)
What I like here :
I like the price and the comfort in bed and the bed cover/blanket because without it the room will feel too cold, the AC works so great. There are two electric sockets above the bed and rack to put some of necessary stuffs.
Lockers are near the property’s entrance where you could store your belongings if you’re worried about leaving them in the room and you could borrow a pad lock for the locker by leaving a deposit of 50000 IDR, they would return it to you after you return the lock during check out. If you forgot to bring a towel, you could rent it for 10000 IDR + 50000 IDR deposit.
The breakfast is self serve from 6:30 to 11:00 consists of cereal and milk, bread and jam, or noodles without egg.
There are various shops and restaurants near the property. You could walk to the bus station or order car or motorbike from mobile apps to pick you up in front of the property. I suggest you to let the driver take the toll road because if not your journey would take so long and complicated. Toll road fee in Indonesia is very cheap (7000 until 16000 IDR) compare to other city i.e. Bangkok.
The property provides bath soap, shampoo, hand wash, and tissue, so you could bring other products you need (face wash or tooth brush/paste, etc). You can use indoor sandals they provide.
Overall, for the price you could get enough comforts you need during your stay.
What I don’t like here :
The bed room doesn’t have lock from inside. My suggestion is probably to put a lock for the room. Since some would be worried of intruders coming inside while we’re sleeping. Without the lock, we only depend on trust among the guests.
The room is small but I didn’t require a lot of space anyway and the bed is wide enough for me. But it’s kinda difficult to do a prayer inside the room. The only possible option is the common room but amidst some guests around.
The stairs is narrow and a bit straight so it’s hard to climb bed above. Luckily, I didn’t get the top bed so I don’t need to climb the stairs.
For noodles, there is no egg. The breakfast will be perfect if there’s egg but I completely realized that for the price they offer, the breakfast option is varied enough.

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights to tripadvisor or the owner.


Warung Leko, Jakarta 01/06/2017

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Address: Jln. Pantai Indah | Rukan Cordoba Unit F19-20 PIK, Jakarta 14420, Indonesia


What I ordered : Iga Bakar, Cah Kangkung, Jus Alpukat
I always search for the best Iga Bakar that could come close to the one I taste in Rotterdam but once again this is not the one. Despite the soft texture, Iga Bakar here lacks the strong taste, which could only be soothe by sambals they provide but what I want is the taste within the meat itself. Cah Kangkung is delicious. The place is fine and clean. But the price is a bit expensive.


Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine, all rights to zomato or Qraved or the uploader.


The Many Facets of Me 14/04/2017

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There are many conflicting sides of me.
I am diligent and lazy,
talkative and quiet,
organized and messy,
both logical and emotional,
caring yet ignoring,
smart but foolish,
strong but weak,
clean but dirty,
bold and shy,
both confident and doubtful in myself.
have both feminine and masculine traits,
independent but want to depend on someone,
thoughtful but sometimes unsympathetic,
could not hate but sometimes full of hatred,
forgiving but holding grudge,
adventurous yet Scaredy-cat,
sometimes rarely worried, sometimes full of worries,
sometimes kind, sometimes not,
have strong memory but sometimes forgetful,
full of suspicions but try to believe in goodness of others,
full of interests but sometimes not having interest in anything,
difficult to be approached but sometimes have an open mind to accept,
both visual and auditory,
right brained and left brained,
(I could list these all years)
That’s why I love to learn about myself.
I am like a Rubik’s cube with no matching color.
So you can’t solve me.
And it could take forever to know me.
Because even I always find something new about myself.
People always try to label someone else, but I often found a little bit of myself in someone else.
Even when I do a personality quiz or psychology, no analysis could be 100% correct, and I could relate to some points on other results. Choosing choices in those quizzes sometimes was not easy because there could me more than one options I could relate to or sometimes there was none but I had to choose one.
There are too many facets of me.
But oh well, like a gemstone, the many facets could increase its value.
So there’s no need to feel discourage.

Disclaimer: image is not mine, all rights go to the respective owner.


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