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Top 10 Posts of All Time

Up until 31 December 2016

  1. Barbie Hsu & Vic Zhou – Rang Wo Ai Ni 10365 Views
  2. Korean Dramas I Have Ever Watched 2698 Views
  3. Sifat-sifat Orang Beriman 2523 Views
  4. Judul Drama Korea di Indosiar 2102 Views
  5. Korean Variety Shows 1494 Views
  6. Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry 1403 Views
  7. Antique Bakery – Korean Movie 2008 [Eng Sub] 720 Views
  8. Judy and Mary – Irotoridori no Sekai 678 Views
  9. Keindahan Kata 565 Views
  10. Susahnya Urus Akte Kelahiran 494 Views


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Countries and Cities I Visited


I was abroad for a year to study (Alhamdulillah). I visited some countries and cities while I was there. Afterwards, I always had desire to travel somewhere. Well, it’s been my interest to travel around the world from the beginning. But that one year gave me a lot of courage and experience to plan a journey.

I try to travel once a year. I don’t have much money and my salary is not big so I save diligently each month little by little until a year or more. I spent most of my savings for traveling. But I didn’t regret it. I got satisfaction from seeing the world.

Now, I also want to include Indonesia. Because even though I live in Indonesia, my visit to other cities also count as traveling and I also move from places to places.


1. Austria

1. Vienna

2. Belgium

2. Brussels

3. Kelmis

3. Cambodia

4. Siem Reap

4. Czech Republic

5. Prague

5. France

6. Paris

6. Germany

7. Aachen

8. Berlin

9. Dortmund

10. Dusseldorf

11. Winterberg

7. Hungary

12. Budapest

8. Indonesia

13. Agam

14. Banda Aceh

15. Bandung

16. Bangka Tengah

17. Banyuasin

18. Bekasi

19. Bireun

20. Bogor

21. Bukit Tinggi

22. Jakarta

23. Ogan Komering Ulu

24. Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan

25. Ogan Komering Ulu Timur

26. Padang

27. Palembang

28. Pangkal Pinang

29. Solo

30. Sungai Liat

31. Tangerang

32. Tegal

9. Italy

33. Florence

34. Pisa

35. Venice

10. Malaysia

36. Gombak

37. Kuala Lumpur

11. Japan

38. Kyoto

39. Tokyo

40. Yokohama

12. Portugal

41. Cabo da Roca

42.  Lisbon

43. Porto

44. Sienna

13. Singapore

45. Singapore

14. Spain

46. Barcelona

47. Girona

15. Thailand

48. Bangkok

49. Nonthaburi

50. Phuket

51. Samut Prakan

16. The Netherlands

52. Amsterdam

53. Arnhem

54. Delft

55. Den Haag

56. Ede

57. Eindhoven

58. Maastricht

59. Rotterdam

60. Utrecht

61. Vaals

62. Venlo

63. Vollendam

64. Wageningen

17. United Kingdom

65. London

66. Wiltshire

18. Vietnam

67. Ho Chi Minh City


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Korean Variety Shows

This is a list of variety shows that I have seen some or all the episodes. Click the name of the variety show to see the description on Wikipedia and click [watch] to go to website that host some or all the episodes to watch with English subtitle. As for me, I’d rather not watch if there is no English subtitle because it’s not that fun if I don’t understand what they said. So I’m not going to share the links of websites with RAW videos.

[In the middle of adding the variety shows and the links]

Arirang – After School Club [watch]

Arirang – Pops in Seoul [watch]

Arirang – Showbiz Extra [watch]

Arirang – Simply K-pop [watch]

GOM – Making The Artist [watch]

JTBC – Abnormal Summit [watch]

JTBC – Crime Scene [watch]

JTBC – High Society [watch]

JTBC – Please Take Care of My Refrigerator [watch]

JTBC – Shinhwa Broadcast [watch]

JTBC – Two Yoo Project: Sugar Man [watch]

KBS Drama – Miracle Show [watch]

KBS World – Battle Trip [watch]

KBS World – Cool Kiz On The Block [watch]

KBS World – Entertainment Weekly [watch]

KBS World – Hello Baby [watch]

KBS World – Hello Counselor [watch]

KBS World – I am a Man [watch]

KBS World – Invisible Man [watch]

KBS World – Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2 [watch]

KBS World – Quiz Expedition [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 1 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 2 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 Night and 2 Days Season 3 [watch]

KBS2 – 1 VS 100 [watch]

KBS2 – A Song for You [watch]

KBS2 – Birth of a Family [watch]

KBS2 – Exciting India [watch]

KBS2 – Gag Concert [watch]

KBS2 – Game Show Unbelievable Challenge [watch]

KBS2 – Happy Together [watch]

KBS2 – I Have An Uncle [watch]

KBS2 – Immortal Song 2 [watch]

KBS2 – Invincible Youth [watch]

KBS2 – Sang Sang Plus [watch]

KBS2 – Song Battle [watch]

KBS2 – Star Golden Bell [watch]

KBS2 – Win Win [watch]

KBS2 – You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook [watch]

KM – Idol World [watch]

MBC – Come To Play [watch]

MBC – Golden Fishery [watch]

MBC – I Live Alone [watch]

MBC – Idol Star Athletics Championship [watch]

MBC – Infinity Challenge [watch]

MBC – Introducing Star’s Friends Survival [watch]

MBC – King of Masked Singer [watch]

MBC – Let’s Sleep Here Tonight [watch]

MBC – Love Survival Show [watch]

MBC – Nodaji [watch]

MBC – Radio Star [watch]

MBC – Real Men [watch]

MBC – Star Dance Battle [watch]

MBC – We Got Married [watch]

MBC Every1 – EXO Showtime [watch]

MBC Every1 – Family Needed [watch]

MBC Every1 – Flower Boy Generation [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 1 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 2 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 3 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Idol Army Season 5 [watch]

MBC Every1 – Infinite Showtime [watch]

MBC Every1 – Infinity Girls [watch]

MBC Every1 – The Teacher Is Coming [watch]

MBC Every1 – Weekly Idol [watch]

Mnet – 4 Things Show [watch]

Mnet – Art of Seduction [watch]

Mnet – Beatles Code [watch]

Mnet – Dancing 9 [watch]

Mnet – Dartstrike [watch]

Mnet – Heart a Tag [watch]

Mnet – Hot Blood [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 1 [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 2 [watch]

Mnet – I Can See Your Voice Season 3 [watch]

Mnet – It’s Time [watch]

Mnet – Produce 101 [watch]

Mnet – Ranking King [watch]

Mnet – Scandal [watch]

Mnet – Sesame Player [watch]

Mnet – Show Me The Money [watch]

Mnet – Star VJ Show [watch]

Mnet – Super Idol Chart Show [watch]

Mnet – Super Junior Mini Drama [watch]

Mnet – Superstar K [watch]

Mnet – The Romantic & Idol [watch]

Mnet – This is Infinite [watch]

Mnet – Unpretty Rapstar [watch]

Mnet – Welcome To Wonderland [watch]

Mnet – Wild Bunny [watch]

Mnet – You Are My Oppa [watch]

Mnet – You Can Fly [watch]

SBS – 1000 Song Challenge [watch]

SBS – 2PM Show! [watch]

SBS – Barefoot Friends [watch]

SBS – Exploration of Human Body [watch]

SBS – Family Outing Season 1 [watch]

SBS – GO Show [watch]

SBS – Healing Camp [watch]

SBS – Heroes [watch]

SBS – Hwasin – Controller of the Heart [watch]

SBS – Intimate Note [watch]

SBS – Jung Jae-hyung & Lee Hyo-ri’s You and I [watch]

SBS – Kim Jung-Eun’s Chocolate [watch]

SBS – Law of the City [watch]

SBS – Law of the Jungle [watch]

SBS – Love Letter [watch]

SBS – Quiz of Sixth Sense [watch]

SBS – Roommate [watch]

SBS – Running Man [watch]

SBS – Same Family, Different Dreams [watch]

SBS – Star King [watch]

SBS – Strong Heart [watch]

SBS – X-Man [watch]

SBS – Ya Shim Man Man [watch]

TvN – Grandpas Over Flowers [watch]

TvN – Saturday Night Live Korea [watch]

TvN – Taxi [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Rules of The Game (Season 1) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Rule Breaker (Season 2) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Black Garnet (Season 3) [watch]

TvN – The Genius: Grand Final (Season 4) [watch]

TvN – Three Meals a Day [watch]

I love Korean Variety Shows because they are very entertaining. Some made me laugh out loud to see the casts’ behaviors. The concepts are varied: talk show, game show, cooking show, or performance (dance, music, or gag).

One thing that I admire from them is how the people work so hard to show the best.


Chinese Drama I’ve Ever Watched

List of Chinese Dramas I Have Ever Watched

  • At The Dolphin’s Bay
  • Basketball Fire
  • Belenggu Pintu Cinta
  • Calling For Love
  • City of Sky
  • Corner with Love
  • Devil Beside You
  • Easy, Fortune, Happy Life
  • Fated to Love You
  • Go On The Stage
  • Greenforest My Home
  • Hanazakarino Kimitachihe
  • Lavender
  • Kabut Cinta (Romance in The Rain)
  • Magicians of Love
  • Mars
  • Menembus Batas 2
  • Meteor Garden 1
  • Meteor Garden 2
  • Love at the Aegen Sea
  • Love Storm
  • Orange Boys
  • Pendekar Awan dan Angin
  • Penginapan Pintu Naga
  • Poor Prince Taro
  • Putri Huan Zhu
  • Romantic Princess
  • Silence
  • Summer’s Desire
  • The Hospital
  • Twins

Judul Drama Korea di Indosiar

Di bawah ini judul drama korea yang dulu pernah ditayangkan di Indosiar, yang ku tahu dan ku ingat.

18 Vs 29
A Love to Kill
All About Eve
All In
Boys Before Flower
Cinderella’s Stepsister
Coffee Prince
Endless Love
Full House
Happy Together
He’s Beautiful
Hwang Jin-yi
Jewel in The Palace
Little Bride
Lovers in paris
Memories in Bali
Mr. Goodbye
My Fair Lady
My Girl
My Love Patzzi
My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
Oh! Feel Young
Prince Hours
Princess Hours
Princess Lulu
Rosy’s Life
Sad Love Song
Sassy girl chun hyang
Sorry i love you
Spring Waltz
Stairway to Heaven
Summer Scent
Sunshine of Love
The Great Queen Seondeok
Winter Sonata
Wonderfull Life
Worlds Within

Kadang Judul Drama antara di Indosiar dan di Korea bisa beda.
Sekarang Aku sudah jarang menonton TV jadi sudah kurang tahu drama apa saja yang baru-baru ini ditayangkan.