The Valuable Me


may not have a house,
a car,
or anything that’s valuable,
other than myself.
so I fought hard to protect myself.
against anyone,
who tried to take my value away from me.
Just like how people lock their house,
or lock their car,
I also lock myself.
Because with all my strength and weakness,
I am valuable.
Even when no one admit it,
I’m still valuable.
The science of loving myself means
to put the importance of myself above any materialistic things,
I don’t choose to chase after money
if I have to sacrifice myself over it, not worth it!
so when people wear branded items, I say “what’s that?”
when they follow the trend, I say “so what?”
I refuse to follow the flocks of feathers,
even if I have to fly solo
and I don’t need some recognition
some people recognize me, “what for?”
Only us can recognize ourselves.
By looking inside, not outside.
By our own value, not others’.
Be ourselves, with or without, anything.

The Rulebreaker


I was strict,
They told me, you don’t need to be so strict.
That it’s okay to break some rules.

I broke some rules,
Then they said, why are you not following the rules?

So tell me,
Which rules are okay to be broken, which rules are not?

Why are some rules applied to some people, but not to some others?
Who decides so?

Please tell me.
Because I am so confused.
Is it true rules are made to be broken?
Why should there be rules in the first place?

Is it always like this when it’s rule made by human?
Easily break,
Easily falter,
Easily bent.

That’s why I love God’s rules,
Because the rules and consequences are clear.
Because the rules are the same for every humans.


Disclaimer: picture is not mine, all rights to the original owner.

Love Yourself


How do you feel when you let others decide your value?
When you feel not accepted by someone else,
When you let people judge you as they please,
When you start acknowledging what they say or think of you,
You lose your self-confidence.
When it seems you have no worth other than what you have to offer to them,
You wrinkled to dust.
You look ugly.
You can’t accept yourself,
You don’t love yourself.

The returning point is when you start to see inside, and say

You are valuable,
You are a beauty,
No matter what people say.
You should accept yourself,
You should love yourself,
They don’t matter.
They can walk out of your life, who cares?!
You are opening the doors wide for everyone to leave,
And to finally liberate yourself,
Out of influence of others.
This is your door and you’re holding the key,
The one who enters is the one who loves you.

Now inside there’s you and you love yourself.


Disclaimer: Only picture is not mine, all right for the picture belongs to the original source.

Destroyed and Crumbled


I was destroyed,
Pick my crumbled self,
Then build myself back,
I stand and lay low,
Pick up my pace,
Then run again.

Happens all the time,

No matter what face I’m in,
I’m still me.

No matter no one believes in me,
As long as I do, that’s enough.
No matter no one loves me,
As long as I do, I’m content.

It takes much courage to walk alone,
It takes much strength to survive,

In the end there is only God and me.
Having no fear whatsoever,
With God by my side.
I am nothing,
But God makes me into something,

And it’s not over,
As the fight will still go on,
Till I die.


Disclaimer: Only picture is not mine, all right for the picture belongs to the original source.

We Are All Human


Our way is long maybe,
Our path is undecided perhaps,
People could change,
For better or worse.
So never judge others,
And just focus on ourselves.
‘Cause we never know,
Who’s going to be in favor of The Almighty at the end of our time.
So stop acting like God by judging,
And start acting like human,
Who’s full of weaknesses but also strengths.
Remember, We are all human.


Jalan kita masih panjang, mungkin,
Arah kita belum pasti, barangkali,
Orang bisa berubah,
Ke arah yang lebih baik atau lebih buruk,
Jadi jangan pernah menilai orang lain,
Dan fokus saja pada diri sendiri.
Karena kita tidak pernah tahu,
Siapa nanti yang di penghujung usianya akan diridhoi oleh Yang Maha Kuasa,
Jadi berhentilah bertindak seolah Tuhan dengan menilai orang lain,
Dan mulailah bersikap selayaknya manusia,
Yang penuh dengan kelemahan dan juga kelebihan.
Ingat, Kita semua sama-sama manusia.



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The Fight Between Heart and Mind


I said I won’t care but I still care.
I said I won’t love but I still love.
Maybe if I choose to be a bad person, it will make my life easier.
But this heart won’t allow me.
I was scolded, butchered, tortured by my own heart, the righteous and moral.
While my mind always stops me from being an entire good person, out of logic and fear of being crushed down by everything out there.
In this fight between heart and mind, no matter who won, I still suffered the injury.
But how could I cure it when it’s invisible.
The injury is all over me and I need a new soul.
I want to be a new person.
Leaving this entire entity,
Full of
But even if I was born again.
Will this still be my destiny?



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Good. Better. Best.

They tell me good people die fast and bad people live long.
Why is that so?
Isn’t that this world needs more good people to be a better place?
They say this world is just for the passersby, and that we, human are supposed to do better each and every day.
That since this world is just a temporary place before we enter the afterlife, we should do our best here.
In order to get a final judgement later whether to end up in heaven or hell.
Then please define what the best way to live is.
Good. Better. Best.

Disclaimer: Picture is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.