Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds – Korean Movie 2017 [Eng Sub]


The first time I knew about this movie is January 31st. Then I searched it on the cinema in my city in case it is still showing. I got my hope high to see it is still showing in other city but unfortunately the cinemas in my city didn’t air the movie for long. When I emailed them about it, they said they could organized the screening if I have large groups to fill the theater. How can I? I just wanted to watch this movie alone. So I could only wish for some websites to upload this movie to watch at home.

My wish was granted. On February 14th, I didn’t need to wait for long, a website has uploaded the movie. I watched the movie in the morning to noon of February 15th. I really wanted to watch this movie, Why? First, it’s because the genre, Fantasy, Action, Drama. I red the reviews on several websites and it mentioned about the stunning CG effects and a strong story. These are all we could need for a movie with that genres. Not to mention the strong casts have been known for their strong acting performances. I also read that this movie surpassed 10 Million viewers in South Korea alone in short amount of time. But although that’s great as a premise, I don’t really consider box office record as something that assure the quality of a movie.

So what about this movie that attracts so many viewers?

First, the story.

Story of the death of an ordinary fireman named Ja-hong (Cha Tae-hyun). Gang-rim (Ha Jung-woo), the head grim reaper, Haewonmaek (Ju Ji-hoon), and Dukchoon (Kim Hyang-gi) are assigned as public defenders to escort Ja-hong in the afterlife and represent him in 7 trials in 49 days to find out how Ja-hong lived his life and where he ought to spend the rest of eternity, heaven, hell, or granted for reincarnation.

The story is based on a webtoon by Joo Ho-min, Along With the Gods.

I was curious about the concept of 49 days after death in Korea. The first time I heard about it was through the drama 49 Days. And along the way, I watched several dramas nudged on the topic of the afterworld in Korean myth. But none really based the whole story in the afterworld. This is another reason I was so looking forward to this movie.

Before discussing the movie further, just watch the movie first here

I wanted to dwell further on the story of the movie. But because it is a recent movie which is first released in South Korea in December 20th, 2017, it’s not even two months old. So surely there are many who haven’t watched. I think I will stop here first. Then I will add more about the movie in a few days or weeks as to not spoil the story for those who haven’t watched.

Happy watching!

Now it’s time to discuss the movie.

It’s been a little over a month since I posted this and it gained over 1800 views. It might not seem plenty but for a blog like mine which rarely get views over a hundred it was quite much. Now I assume people have already watched this movie, I want to start reviewing it.

The concept of the afterworld is what attracting me to the movie so I start with that. In Korea, people believe in the concept of reincarnation, that if you live good live you will get the chance to reincarnate. This movie also mention about 7 types of hell and heaven. It’s quite similar in Islam there is a concept of 7 level of heaven and 7 level of hell. But there is never such thing as reincarnation, because the afterworld is described as our last home for eternity. While the world is actually just a test where our live spent there is short. The 7 types of hell or heaven in Korean myth have separate trials while in Islam, the trial is just one and it’s like another phase before decision on which level of hell or heaven someone is to enter based on their life’s deeds.


The Advocate: A Missing Body – Korean Movie 2015 [Eng Sub]


At first, I just wanted to watch investigation movie, but was not so expectant since I didn’t quite like A Hard Day, the main actor’s previous movie. But this movie is a gem. The story is solid and nothing foolish, combined with strong acting by the actors and a plot twist so it made none of the scene felt boring or useless. I recommend this movie.


Cast :

Lee Sun-kyun as Byeon Ho-sung

Kim Go-eun as Jin Sun-min

Im Won-hee as Office manager Park

Jang Hyun-sung as Moon Ji-hoon


Summary :

Byeon Ho-sung is a hotshot lawyer at a big law firm; with a nearly 100% win rate, his life motto is “Winning is justice, and I am the winner.” After Byeon wins a lawsuit for a large conglomerate pharmaceutical company, its chairman Moon Ji-hoon asks him to defend Moon’s chauffeur Kim Jeong-hwan, who is suspected to have murdered a female college student named Han Min-jeong. A pool of blood was found at the crime scene where Kim was apprehended, but a body has not been found and there are no witnesses.

Kim insists that he and the victim were dating, but passionate rookie prosecutor Jin Sun-min believes that he was stalking Han. Just when Byeon is close to successfully contradicting Jin’s claims and winning the case as he always does, his client abruptly confesses in court on the last day of the trial that he killed Han. Furious at his humiliation and even accused of tampering with evidence, Byeon uncharacteristically embarks on a search for the truth and teams up with Jin. But as he digs deeper, Byeon begins to uncover clues that may link the case back to Moon.


Watch the movie: The Advocate: A Missing Body


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Underworld: Blood Wars [2017] – Hollywood Movie with English Subtitle


I can’t exactly say that I recommend this movie, but for those of you who have been watching this movie installment from the beginning, this movie which is said as the closure should be considered watching. This is somewhat in the middle in terms of quality, there is a better and worse movie among its series. I found the story a bit lacking, some absurdity included, the fight seems exaggerated, but the visual is much better than the previous ones.


Underworld: Blood Wars
Vampire death dealer, Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fights to end the eternal war between the Lycan clan and the Vampire faction that betrayed her.
Rating: 6.4/10 (11,364 votes)
Director: Anna Foerster
Writer: Cory Goodman (screenplay), Kyle Ward (story by), Cory Goodman (story by), Kevin Grevioux (based on characters created by), Len Wiseman (based on characters created by), Danny McBride (based on characters created by)
Stars: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies, Lara Pulver
Genre: Action, Horror
Released: 06 Jan 2017
Full details: IMDb


Watch or download Underworld: Blood Wars (RAW) here:


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Doctor Strange [2016] – Hollywood Movie with English Subtitle


This is one of my recommended movie in 2016. I have fun watching the movie. The story, the CG, the acting, nothing lacks. Just see for yourself and you’ll know.


Doctor Strange
A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.
Rating: 7.9/10 (165,415 votes)
Director: Scott Derrickson
Writer: Jon Spaihts, Scott Derrickson, C. Robert Cargill, Stan Lee (based on the comics by)
Stars: Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Wong
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Released: 04 Nov 2016
Full details: IMDb


Watch or download Doctor Strange (RAW) here:


Download a separate English Subtitle compatible with the video from link above:

My Annoying Brother – Korean Movie 2016 [Eng Sub]


This movie is unexpectedly good. It is one of my recommendation for 2016 Korean Movie. Since I didn’t read review or synopsis of the movie beforehand, I have no set image of what the movie will be like, I only make a guess. I thought this will be about quarrel among brothers filled with humor, but on the contrary it is filled with serious issues, psychologically and emotionally. This movie reminds us of the meaning of a family and what it feels like to have one. It is a heartwarming movie and it is one of the movies that leaved me with a good impression. I’m thankful for the writer who made a great story and the actors who have pour their emotions into the characters.


Cast :

Jo Jung-suk as Doo-shik

Do Kyung-soo as Doo-young

Park Shin-hye as Lee Soo-hyun


Summary :

National Judo athlete Doo-young (Do Kyung-soo) damages his optic nerves during an international event and loses his sight permanently. His older brother Doo-shik (Jo Jung-suk) has been estranged from Doo-young, he takes advantage of his brother’s sudden crisis to get paroled from prison. To Doo-young, who lost his parents in an accident as a teenager and had to fend for himself since then, the news of Doo-sik coming back home is an extra stress to deal with. He’s barely adjusting to the fact that he is now blind for the rest of his life but now he has to deal with swindler of a brother. Although hesitant at first, Doo-young slowly eases up to his older brother, who gradually takes charge and helps him adjust to his disability. Just when the two brothers are starting to make amends, Doo-sik finds out that he’s in the final stage of terminal cancer. He has only a short time to say farewell to his brother and help him win gold at Rio Paralympics, which will secure his future.


Watch the movie: My Annoying Brother


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Vivid Imagination




I have a vivid imagination. It is different from what they called photographic or Eidetic memory which the very existence is still debatable.

The thing is that when I read something or hear a story from someone, I can picture it so clearly on my mind as if I’m watching a movie.

Since I was born with it, I thought everyone has this kind of ability, but only some do. Maybe it has a relation with some type of personality, I don’t really know.

I read a Harry Potter novel once, and it’s the same for me as if I create the movie on my mind. It took me three days to finished reading the novel. Then when I watch the real Harry Potter movie, I thought to myself while watching the movie that some scenes in the movie are different from what I pictured them before. That’s why I don’t really like reading novel, because it requires so much works as so many thoughts and moving pictures running through my mind. I’d just rather watch the movie directly rather than reading the novel first.

When my friend tells me a story and I hear it attentively, my mind’s almost immediately processing it into a moving picture or video. The details of the story determines how clear I picture it on my mind. There was a case where I asked my friend too many questions to get the details and upset her. I was sorry, but I did it unknowingly. Perhaps I wanted to have a clear picture of it, or there was something not quite match so I couldn’t picture it correctly that it bothered me. But after that experience, I remind myself not to go into details when someone tells me something and just listen to it as it is.

Sometimes there is also an incident where I confuse my memory of something told to me by my friends as my memory of actually experiencing it together with them, which then I realize after a thinking, that I didn’t actually experience it but it is just a graphic memory of what’s told to me before.

Then there is this thing about the time when I went to study abroad for a year which has become a precious memory of mine. Few months afterwards until approximately a year, I still daydream about it. Because I still miss those moments, I sometimes liked to go through my memory of certain place at certain time and relive it again. Imagining I’m walking through the streets I used to walk, shopping through the market, or supermarket was a fun thing to do to reminiscence. It’s a vivid imagination and I don’t need to close my eyes to go back through it.

But unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. As my memory begins to fade, I could no longer go through my precious memory. It goes also for the story told to me or the novel I pictured into a movie. I forget about them as time goes on.

When I took some tests or quizzes, I’m often described by 50:50 audio:visual, not that I blindly believe on that test, or whether it has any relation to this, but same as visual, thing applies to me as well for auditory imagination. When I think of a song, the song plays in my head naturally as if I press the play button in my mind. And if I want, sometimes it plays as a music video. That of course depends on how long my memory goes as well, it could not be determined for sure, sometimes some music or music videos stay with me for long, sometimes I soon forget about them.

This is also a reason why I need a silent surroundings when I want to learn something or prepare for a test. Sounds like music interrupted me so much because I could remember them more easily than any other. Once during my college year, I prepared a test by memorizing lesson in my room but my landlady was turning a Hindi music so loud. The next day at the test, the songs played in my mind from the start until the album finished and I could barely remember any of the lesson I tried to memorize before. Well, I pretty much did terribly at that test. But how could I blame my landlady for this. It was all because of me and this nature of mine.

I don’t really define this vivid imagination as a good nature or a bad one. It just comes with some benefits and loss or just like someone said it is both a blessing and a curse.


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