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Audah Guesthouse Syariah, Jakarta 05/11/2016

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I stayed here three times, all because of the location which is close to the venues I was visiting and it’s three different venues at different locations. So I guess you know what I mean by great location.
For all my stay I choose a single room, there’s an air-con, a bed side table, a cupboard, a table in front of the bathroom, hook to hang clothes, and a mirror. It’s pretty much as seen in pictures here.
The room is not spacious but convenient.
There are ATMs on the front yard. All around you could find places to eat and taxis roam around the street so it’s not hard to grab a taxi. Taxi in Jakarta is not that expensive as in other cities or countries, such as Phuket, Thailand.
The third time I came here, they ask for Deposit money, which I dislike, but luckily they offered an option to leave my identity card instead. It’s always my first priority to choose a hotel without deposit money. I’m always careful with mine or other people’s stuff and it’s not like I’m going to steal anything so I always think such a thing as Deposit money is unnecessary.
They have a locked room for storage so you can leave your luggage after check out which is really nice and I always do that. Since my flights were at night and I often had activities at some venues until noon so I checked out in the morning, leave my bag at the hotel. Then in the afternoon, I went back to this hotel from the venues to grab my bag and just went straight to the airport. That’s the great thing of having a hotel near the area of your activity.
One downside of this hotel is the Wifi doesn’t work that well and the signal for mobile phone is weak, so I couldn’t use my own internet quota.

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D’Primahotel, Jakarta 29/08/2013

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Address : Jl. Gunung Sahari, right across WTC Mangga Dua, North Jakarta.
Type of room I stayed in : Standard room
What it had : Single Bed, Private Bathroom, Air-Conditioned rooms, Safety Deposit Box in each room, Free WiFi connection in room or public area, Elevator, Car Park, water heater, complimentary mineral water, coffee & tea, instant noodle, a Coffee or Tea + a snack (croissant) in the morning as a breakfast at Starbucks.
What I like here :

– The room will be cleaned everyday so they don’t have sign please clean my room or don’t disturb that you should hang by the door. It can be a plus or a minus because sometimes you want a privacy and don’t want to be disturbed. At least they have manner and knock until you open the door and they don’t open the door themselves if you’re inside the room.

– Good service from the staffs, they open the door for you, help you with your luggage, and by the time you finish your check in registration, your luggage has already in your room, and they don’t ask for a tip. I guessed they’re well-paid.

– Accept debit card for payment. This is important for me because sometimes I don’t have enough cash or I don’t want to reduce the amount of cash I hold.

– Clean and comfortable bedroom & bathroom. All the facilities are clean and new so it’s nice to live here.

– The TV and the WiFi are good.

What I don’t like here :

– The shampoo and soap liquid don’t have a written tag, and they look similar, so you’re kinda confused whether you’re bathing with shampoo or shampooing with soap. Luckily, I bought my own shampoo and soap.

– They don’t have a hand soap at the wastafel. So you should go to the shower room to get a soap and get back to the wastafel to wash your hand. Or you could just wash your hand at the shower room.

– The hotel don’t have a restaurant. There is only Starbucks at the lobby. So that’s explained why you could only get a breakfast with a simple croissant and it could be boring to eat the same thing over and over if you stayed for a couple of days.


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