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Currently updating the list, there are still around 100 published posts need to be listed.


10 Pieces of Wisdom from Wayne Dyer Posted in 02/12/2016


Ambisi ku yang Terhalang Posted in 07/03/2010

AMINEF – Fulbright Scholarship Posted in 15/01/2017

Appreciate Different Personalities Posted in 19/12/2016

A Night in Singapore Posted in 25/11/2016

A Winning Personal Statement Posted in 04/12/2016

Beasiswa Erasmus+ (Erasmus Mundus) Posted in 14/01/2017

Being Complicated Posted in 05/05/2012

Bekal Seorang Muslim Posted in 22/02/2009

Belahan Jiwa Posted in 29/05/2009

Bendahara Hati Posted in 02/05/2010

Bugis Street, Singapore Posted in 24/12/2016

Campus France – Studi di Perancis Posted in 07/01/2017

Chevening Scholarship – Study in UK Posted in 13/01/2017

Chinese Drama I’ve Ever Watched Posted in 14/05/2010

Cinta Fitri (Indonesian Series) Posted in 23/03/2009

College of Europe – Study in Poland Posted in 08/01/2017

Countries and Cities I Visited Posted in 26/11/2016

Countries I Have Visited Posted in 27/11/2016

Countries with The Best Work-Life Balance Posted in 30/11/2016

DAAD – Study in Germany Posted in 12/01/2017

Daftar Istilah Kedokteran Posted in 06/05/2012

Dance Posted in 23/03/2009

Deadline Pemetaan Posted in 28/06/2009

Depend On One Posted in 15/02/2009

Depression at Work Posted in 18/06/2016

Ditto (Korean Movie) Posted in 15/02/2009

Drama Series Quotes Posted in 18/05/2012

Dunia Kerja, Sejuta Tantangan!!! Posted in 15/02/2009

Exercise, Keep on The Beat! Posted in 29/05/2009

Fated to Love You (Chinese Series) Posted in 12/05/2009

Forgive and Forget Posted in 15/02/2009

Fresh Start Posted in 15/02/2009

Gaining A Huge Lesson From Japan Posted in 17/04/2010

Good Deeds Turn Out To Be Sins Posted in 06/05/2012

Graduate Scholarships for International Students, University of Adelaide, Australia Posted in 16/01/2017

Hachiko (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

Happy Go Lucky (Chinese Movie) Posted in 15/02/2009

Happy Karaoke Time Posted in 06/05/2012

Happy Mother’s Day Posted in 22/12/2016

Having High Risk of Burn Out Posted in 05/05/2012

Heart to Heart with Nia Dinata Posted in 19/04/2010

Hole in The Heart Posted in 15/02/2009

Human Nature Posted in 24/04/2010

I Love Acting Posted in 15/02/2009

Indikasi Ibadah diterima oleh Allah Swt Posted in 22/02/2009

INFJ Personality Posted in 20/12/2016

INFJ Traits Posted in 21/12/2016

It’s BoyGirl Thing (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 05/05/2012

Jangan Katakan Cinta Posted in 01/05/2012

Japanese Dorama I’ve Ever Watched Posted in 14/05/2010

Jawaban Atas Masalah Posted in 05/05/2012

Judul Drama Korea di Indosiar Posted in 07/10/2010

Juno (USA & Canada Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

Just My Luck (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

Karakterku Berdasarkan Golongan Darah Posted in 12/05/2010

Kartini’s Day Posted in 21/04/2010

Kejenuhan yang meraja lela Posted in 29/05/2009

Keindahan Kata Posted in 05/05/2012

Kerja Sambil Jalan-jalan Posted in 29/05/2009

Korean Drama I’ve Ever Watched Posted in 24/07/2010

Korean Dramas 2016 Posted first in 14/10/2016

Korean Variety Shows Posted in 06/05/2012

Laki-laki Posted in 05/05/2012

Laskar Pelangi (Indonesian Movie) Posted in 15/02/2009

Lee Won-il – The Expert of Tom Yam Posted in 16/10/2016

Lesson to Read Posted in 16/05/2012

Liburan Lebaran Posted in 22/09/2009

Live My Dreams Posted in 08/04/2010

Love Your Mom Posted in 23/12/2016

Maafkan Aku Dunia Posted in 06/05/2012

Making New Friends All Over The World Posted in 25/04/2010

Manajemen Lisan Posted in 22/02/2009

Mario Teguh’s Quotes Posted in 18/05/2012

Menanggapi Saran Posted in 09/12/2016

Menjadi Berarti Bagi Dunia Posted in 24/04/2010

Menyadari Kesalahan Posted in 04/05/2010

Michael Jackson – Heal The World Posted in 08/04/2010

Miley Cyrus – The Climb Posted in 10/05/2012

Mom, I Love You Posted in 28/04/2010

Must Love Dogs (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

My Activities Posted in 12/05/2010

My Definition of Love Posted in 05/05/2012

My Favourite TV Shows Posted in 12/05/2010

My Interests Posted in 12/05/2010

My Love For Meat and Crave For Kapsalon Posted in 01/01/2017

My Mind and Heart (Pikiran dan Hatiku) Posted in 15/02/2009

My Quotes Posted in 23/03/2009

My Resolution Posted in 26/12/2016

My Top Posts of All Time Posted in 31/12/2016

My Way to Concentrate Posted in 01/12/2016

Nge-Blog, Masih Harus Banyak Belajar Nih! Posted in 13/06/2009

Ninja Assassin (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

Nuffic Neso – Study in Netherlands Posted in 05/01/2017

Old Dogs (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

Pelayanan Prima Posted in 21/12/2009

Pelatihan RD, SUSENAS dan SAKERNAS Posted in 11/06/2009

Pengawasan Pemetaan Posted in 13/06/2009

Pengennya Sih Hari Kerja Diubah Posted in 28/03/2012

People’s Quotes Posted in 23/03/2009

Pertarungan antara yang Haq dan yang Bathil Posted in 22/02/2009

Peserta Aneh di Pelatihan Sensus Penduduk 2010 Posted in 13/04/2010

PhD Studentships in Economics, University of East Anglia, UK Posted in 17/01/2017

Poligami Dari Jendela Hati Seorang Wanita Posted in 05/05/2012

Pursuit of Happiness (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 20/02/2009

Rahasia Produktivitas Orang Jerman Posted in 13/12/2016

Rangkulan Allah Posted in 15/02/2009

Rasa Cinta Posted in 05/05/2012

Rasa dalam Jiwa Posted in 05/05/2012

Rasa Kejujuran Pada Masakan Posted in 05/05/2012

Read Ouran High School Host Club Posted in 20/02/2009

Resolusi Hati Posted in 05/05/2012

Saigon Opera House, Ho Chi Minh City Posted in 28/11/2016

Sam Kim – I Only Need The Sauce Posted in 16/10/2016

Sebab Aku Cinta Posted in 05/05/2012

Sepie – Study in Spain Posted in 06/01/2017

Setiap Manusia Itu Sama Posted in 05/04/2010

Should I Quit My Job? Posted in 12/06/2009

Sifat-sifat Orang Beriman Posted in 22/02/2009

Spy Next Door (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 01/05/2012

Studying in the UK Posted in 05/12/2016

Study in Finland Posted in 04/01/2017

Study in Hungary Posted in 11/01/2017

Study in Ireland Posted in 10/01/2017

Study in Sweden Posted in 03/01/2017

Sunrise in Angkor Wat Posted in 24/11/2016

Sunset at Phnom Backeng Posted in 23/11/2016

Susahnya Urus Akte Kelahiran Posted in 28/03/2012

Ta Prohm, Siem Reap Posted in 25/12/2016

Tendency When I’m Sick Posted in 08/12/2016

Terbelenggu Posted in 10/05/2010

Terus Berjalan Posted in 24/04/2010

Theme Song Of My Life Posted in 15/02/2009

They Told Me Posted in 10/05/2010

The Advocate Posted in 18/06/2016

The Boiling Frog Posted in 03/12/2016

The Counselor Posted in 05/10/2016

The Duchess (UK Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

The Happiest Bird Posted in 10/12/2016

The Island (Hollywood Movie) Posted in 12/05/2010

The Prison Of My Own Posted in 22/04/2010

The Symptom of Depression Posted in 29/11/2016

Think Out of The Box Posted in 10/04/2010

Tiga Puluh Enam (36) Tanda Anda Sudah Menjadi Budak Dunia Posted in 14/10/2016

Topeng Kaca Quotes Posted in 18/05/2012

Travel Around The World Posted in 10/05/2010

Uang Bukanlah Ukuran Posted in 23/03/2009

Uni-Italia – Studi di Italia Posted in 09/01/2017

Unique and Inspired Posted in 20/02/2009

Useless Complaint Posted in 18/05/2012

Various Other Blogthings Analysis on Me Posted in 23/03/2009

‘Wahn’, Penyakit Mematikan Umat Islam! Posted in 14/10/2016

Welcome to My World Posted in 15/02/2009

What Stresses Out An INFJ? Posted in 18/12/2016

When You Stop Smoking Posted in 12/12/2016


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