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Lai Ming Hotel Cosmoland, Singapore 15/11/2016

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First of all, it was really hard to find a hotel with a private room in good location but under 400000 IDR in Singapore. Most of them are expensive and comes with a disadvantage. After all the search and consideration, I choose this hotel.

My review of this hotel:

It is in good location, two blocks from Aljunied MRT station. You need to cross the street twice and walk for around 500 metres. I brought my big luggage by myself. Overall, not a problem.

The receptionist staff is fine, but not so friendly like some reviews on traveloka said though.

I have a complaint about Traveloka. I wrote a review on traveloka about this hotel but they didn’t publish it and said only some reviews are chosen while on the website it is said all reviews. So I couldn’t copy my review and have to write it again from the beginning for my blog.

I booked the double room and have to get the mineral water at the receptionist. They give me 1 bottle and I need to remind them that I booked double room so I should get two bottles.

They gave me room on the second floor seeing I have heavy luggage. Unfortunately there was no elevator in the building. I asked for some help to carry my luggage and they asked for someone to help. Really appreciate it.

The location of the room was not so nice, it was on the next building beside the main where the reception was. The corridor there was dark and not so clean. The building was old. The room system was with key and to lock it you have to press inside and close it, the door was a bit stuck so I had to pull harder to close.

The room has double bed, a wardrobe, old TV, old blanket and towels but clean enough. The wardrobe has many hangers so I could hang my clothes conveniently.

The electric sockets by the TV and the wall are not in a good shape, The hole was not fit with my charger and even if I brought universal sockets converter, I still couldn’t use it. In the end, my phone was left uncharged. Luckily it’s only for a day. The sockets were quite old and lose and they have it taped all around.

They also tape the additional button for toilet and a stick as a tissue holder. The water to flush the toilet runs well after the button was pushed but it made a loud sound that last for like 3 minutes. The hot shower runs well but the door for the shower separation was missing. What I don’t like is that there was no place to put bath products near the shower so I have to put them in the floor or go back and forth from the sink and shower. Better to remove the shower partition.

The toilet didn’t have water sprayer. Instead they put a scoop to get water from the sink. It’s very uncomfortable. To go back and forth because the sink is not that close to the toilet or within a hand reach. There is only 1 garbage bin in the room so I move it near the bathroom door.

The electric kettle could be borrowed from the receptionist but you have to bring it down when you check out.

When I check out, I asked for another help with my luggage and they ask for someone again.


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Phuket Airport Overnight Hotel, Phuket 14/11/2016

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My review about this hotel:

You have to choose one in Phuket, either rest or travel. If you’re looking for a place near the airport just to rest, then this hotel might be suitable for you. But if you still want to see around Phuket, I suggest you choose a hotel near the attraction and with free airport transfer, both ways, because transportation cost is very expensive in Phuket, even for a short distance. And Phuket don’t have options for public transportation as it’s only for some area.

๋ˆ‡I have a good rest in this hotel. The airport transfer to and from the hotel is included. After you arrived at the airport, just give a call and the lady will arrive in 10 minutes to pick you up and you can mention to her when you check in what time you will leave to the airport and she will drive you again. The room is clean, the bed is comfortable, I choose a room with fan and it’s good enough to chase away the heat because it has two fans. There is a fridge, water kettle and tea/coffee, hairdryer, toiletries (except tooth brush&paste), mineral water, toilet tissue. The toilet is clean with water spray, hot shower, sink and mirror. The electrical socket is beside the bed and there is bedside table and sofa in the room and also the table and chair where the kettle and fridge are placed. As it is a hotel near the airport, of course you could listen to the airplane sound, but for me it’s not quite disturbing as I can sleep well enough.

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Blossoming Romduol Lodge, Siem Reap 13/11/2016

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My review about this hotel:

The price is including breakfast. The breakfast could be taken away as long as we inform the receptionist a day before. The staffs are accommodating our requests and speak good english. There’s a restaurant so we don’t need to look somewhere else to eat. Airport pick up with tuk tuk is free, could order a tuk tuk with a fee to go to the airport. Hot shower is available. Towel and Basic toiletries are given: tooth brush/paste, hair brush, and soap. There’s two garbage bin, in the room and in the bathroom. The mineral water is given as long as we ask to the receptionist.

The room needs a brighter lamp. I’m not used to a dim light. I order a room with a fan but the air conditioner was there and turned on with minimum temperature, there’s no remote to control it, and I thought it’s broken, so I was freezing for one night. The next day, it turned out the AC was not broken and the remote was in the receptionist, so I asked them to turn it off. It’s fine there’s no separation for the shower, but the shower head is straight, not facing down so it will make the towel rack wet. So I have to hold the shower head to have a shower. There’s no cleaning service or maybe you have to ask to get your room cleaned. No blanket. No place to hang your clothes, either a hanger, a hook, or a wardrobe. So I have to place my clothes by the bed or on the TV table. The door lock is still manual, you have to press inside and close the door to lock it and open it with a key.






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Paragon One Residence, Bangkok 12/11/2016

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My review about this hotel:

No breakfast or with additional price. There’s a fine of 2000 Baht if the bedding is stained so need to be careful. The balcony is not with a view. No toothbrush & paste.

The bed and pillow is comfortable, and with a blanket. The facilities are quite many: AC, hairdryer, fridge, table and chair, bench to put things on, wardrobe with some hangers, two towels, hand towel, drinking glass, slipper, safe deposit box with instruction, elevator. Toiletries: body wash, shampoo, hand sanitizer. Everything is clean. wifi is quite good. The reception speaks good English.

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Galaxy Hotel & Capsule, Ho Chi Minh City 11/11/2016

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My review about this hotel:

The breakfast is from 7:00 until 9:30, I just hope it starts from 6:00 to 10:00. I didn’t get to try the breakfast. First day, I was late, but the girl at reception was nice enough to give me a glass of hot water and two bananas. Second day I check out early, 6:30 to the airport. The electric sockets are in the bathroom, but luckily I bring an extension and there’s a socket behind the fridge. There’s a safety deposit box but there’s no instruction on how to use it. The bed is quite hard for me. The location is in the alley, 100 m from Pham Ngu Lao. Make sure to remember the way, to be able to tell the taxi driver or grab bike.

๋ˆ‡Wardrobe is available with some hangers, a fridge, mirror in the room & bathroom, toilet with 2 tissue rolls, there’s elevator so it’s accommodating for me since I have a luggage and it’s fine that the room is on the 5th floor. The girls at reception speak good english and helpful in every way. There’s a blanket, the AC works well, the pillow is comfortable. Wifi works very well.

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Signature Hotel, KL Sentral, Kuala Lumpur 10/11/2016

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My review about this hotel:

There should be a doormat outside the bathroom door, because without it we would drag our wet feet and make the bedroom floor all wet. I have to use some paper to dry the floor all around. There should be a basic toiletries as a service. The size of the room is small but it’s okay, so I don’t mind it doesn’t have a wardrobe because it has hooks to hang the clothes but please clean/fix the wood under it, it’s kinda broken and has some dust. I have a hard time finding the place going out of KL Sentral, the road is quite complicated, not enough pedestrian walk, and no crossing sign to help in the middle of busy road. They should’ve told that we are not supposed to go there by going outside but through the NU mall bridge.

The bed is comfortable enough. The place is quite clean. There’s an elevator so it’s convenient when you bring luggage. WiFi works although not so fast. You can store your luggage after check out. They provide some tea/coffee and kettle in a room. There is a Qiblat direction in the room for moslem guide to pray. The toilet has water spray. Electric sockets are enough, one by the bed, one under the TV. Close to KL Sentral to make your access easy to other place but no attraction around beside Little India which is just a street.

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Audah Guesthouse Syariah, Jakarta 05/11/2016

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I stayed here three times, all because of the location which is close to the venues I was visiting and it’s three different venues at different locations. So I guess you know what I mean by great location.
For all my stay I choose a single room, there’s an air-con, a bed side table, a cupboard, a table in front of the bathroom, hook to hang clothes, and a mirror. It’s pretty much as seen in pictures here.
The room is not spacious but convenient.
There are ATMs on the front yard. All around you could find places to eat and taxis roam around the street so it’s not hard to grab a taxi. Taxi in Jakarta is not that expensive as in other cities or countries, such as Phuket, Thailand.
The third time I came here, they ask for Deposit money, which I dislike, but luckily they offered an option to leave my identity card instead. It’s always my first priority to choose a hotel without deposit money. I’m always careful with mine or other people’s stuff and it’s not like I’m going to steal anything so I always think such a thing as Deposit money is unnecessary.
They have a locked room for storage so you can leave your luggage after check out which is really nice and I always do that. Since my flights were at night and I often had activities at some venues until noon so I checked out in the morning, leave my bag at the hotel. Then in the afternoon, I went back to this hotel from the venues to grab my bag and just went straight to the airport. That’s the great thing of having a hotel near the area of your activity.
One downside of this hotel is the Wifi doesn’t work that well and the signal for mobile phone is weak, so I couldn’t use my own internet quota.

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